When to consider adding an expiration date on your ID cards

Many of our clients issue photo employee ID cards without an expiration date. For companies which have an exit interview procedure, an expiration date is often not necessary because they can recover the ID card when an employee leaves. Other organizations are not concerned about the potential [...]

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Turn your ID card program into a Profit Center

For most companies that issue ID cards, this small expense is simply considered a cost of doing business. However, the members of many organizations place great value on the ID card associated with their membership. Whether it is used to access facilities and services, or necessary to [...]

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More Than Just a Flash-Pass

Without a doubt, a lot of our clients require simple, classic ID badges. And, while such badges can be printed in-house, they come to us because of a general, well-deserved hatred of jammed printers. We do, however, have quite a few clients who realize that by [...]

How to Distill Our Service… ?

Recently, we set out to do a complete redesign of our tradeshow banner. It is our opinion that, fairly often, such banners are overly complicated—obfuscating the intended message or explanation of service. So, we asked ourselves how we could distill our service into a simple graphical [...]

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What’s in a name?

David Birch suggests, in the above TED video, that for most transactions requiring an ID, a name is not only unneeded but may serve to only aid identity theft. And, he’s right. (Please watch the video—the concepts he touches on are very interesting.) Wait! Before you [...]

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Welcome to InstantCard

We just produced a new video introducing our service. The goal is to give potential clients a quick introduction. (If you'd like a more detailed view of the service, you may always check out our How-To series.) You may now find the video on our How it Works [...]

Can I Take ID Card Photos with My Phone?

YES. The image size and quality of today's standard phones is more than enough for an ID card photo. But, if you're anything like me, you'll want to see exactly how cell phone image sizes compare to the standard ID badge photo. The image to the right shows [...]

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Looking forward to those late enrollments

As educational institutions dust off the cobwebs and open their doors for the new academic year, the air buzzes with the anticipation of "back to school" fervor. At InstantCard, we are keenly aware of the myriad posts flooding your feeds, offering tips and tricks to navigate [...]

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