Are you proud of the city you work in, the building for your company, or the truck you use on the job? You might be able to use it as the background for your ID Card! With a high enough quality photo taken with just the right lighting your beloved city could be worn with you at all times as the focal point of your ID card design. A lot of people would love to use their photos or a photo of something to do with their business represented on their IDs, but just don’t know how to make it work. As you can see below we have used photographs for ID card designs several times and with happy customers.

If you do consider using a photograph for your design make sure that the quality and size of the photo are large enough for us to use for high quality print. Preferably the image would be 300dpi and 1100px wide/tall (depending on the orientation of the card) or greater.

When you provide us a photo there are several techniques we use to make it work as a design. As you can see with Mission Trails we put a blue layer over top of the scenery so the text didn’t get lost. In the card for Tetra we blurred the background photo. There are also more subtle ways to get text to pop on a busy background, like with Brent Towers we used a white bar and blurred it so it wasn’t as obvious. If you want us to use a certain technique we would be happy to accommodate you!