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Free Template Design

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Free ID badge template design

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FREE ID Template Design

Our professional designers will create a custom template based on your specifications. We do not use generic templates, ensuring you get exactly what you need from your employee ID cards. We provide unlimited templates, so you get the features you need, where you need them.

From technology to design—you shouldn’t be limited in your employee ID badge options.

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1. Upload your logo

Upload Logo for ID Card

2. Pick your required fields

pick required ID Badge fields

3. Choose your technology

choose ID badge technology

4. Approve your ID card template(s)

approve id card templates

We do all the heavy lifting

First you’ll upload your logo and indicate the general design style
you would like for your business’ ID badges.

Or, you may elect to upload your very own design.

You’ll choose the data which will be on your card.

Any variable data works in our system—
dates, text, signatures, you name it.

Your cards can show any and all information required
on both the front and the back.

From basic flash-passes, to enhanced smart cards—
we’ve got you covered.

Choose from: smart card technology, barcodes,
contactless, QR codes, holographic security overlays,
prox cards, and more.

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Easily order ID badges for each employee online

his or her information is automatically inserted into each template

Each employee’s information is automatically entered into the template of your choice—
making ordering ID cards as easy as possible.

You may enter each employee’s information one-at-a-time, or in a bulk upload via a spreadsheet. And, since we have no minimum batch size, you get that cards you need when you need them.

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No minimum batch size
means you get the cards you need, when you need them

Thanks to our declining balance accounting system, ordering single cards has never been easier.
Get your cards as soon as you have new members or employees—even if you only need a single card.

And, price per card stays the same, no matter the size of your order.

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ID Badge Pricing

Cards are always shipped same day

(even if you order one single card)

Get your employee ID badges when you need them with same-day* shipping.

Since the InstantCard system was designed with single-card orders in mind, this applies to small orders, too.

This is just one way we can make the ID card ordering process far more simple for businesses of absolutely any size.

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And it all comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the InstantCard service, you will receive a full refund.
You should be completely satisfied with your ID badge program.

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