Multi-Site Corporations

 InstantCard gives you a hassle-free solution.

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Multi-site corporations generally have to choose between two equally unattractive alternatives:

Install multiple card production systems in regional or local offices


This entails the high capital cost of acquiring numerous card production systems, as well as the cost of training local staff. Generally, headquarters control and visibility is significantly reduced.

Operate a single centralized production facility at headquarters


This involves the allocation of dedicated staff, with the incumbent overhead costs. Card production requires carefully structured operations, communications, and logistics. Often, the service provided to local offices is slow, inconsistent, and error-prone.

A better way: outsource your card production with InstantCard

Your local offices may easily enter personnel data and order cards for their facility.

Headquarters maintains full visibility over all ID card activity

throughout the country, and approves all template designs for local offices.

Not sure if outsourcing is right for your business? Click here to view our In-House v. Outsource Comparison Chart


The advantages of this approach include:

  • Enforcement of consistent identity management policies across all sites.
  • A fully variable cost – no up-front investment, no capex. You pay only for cards as they are produced. No staff costs, no capital investment, no equipment obsolescence… no hassles!
  • All logistics are handled by InstantCard’s automated system. Since this is our only business, we do it more efficiently than any internal organization can.
  • Local offices get consistent, rapid service, and they remain in full control of card issuance for new hires.
  • Headquarters retains full visibility and control over the process, without being involved in day-to-day operations.

In-house printing comes with hidden costs.

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so you can crunch the numbers for yourself.

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If your company would like to offer ID badge production services directly from its website, InstantCard offers a Web Services capability to link your Intranet to our servers. Click here for more information on web services. Many of our customers have directly connected their HR management systems (SAP, Oracle, or other) to our service via APIs.

Many industries have large numbers of smaller, regional offices. Here is an article on ID card policy for the insurance industry which appeared in the Oct. 2012 edition of ‘INbetween‘, the official publication of NAMIC, the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies: Implementing a Best Practice Photo ID Card Policy.