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High-quality credentials are now the norm in Medical Facilities

Health care guidelines generally require personnel in hospitals, clinics, and other facilities to be easily and reliably identified. The most common method of doing so is with professional Photo ID badges. InstantCard’s professional ID cards meet all industry requirements, are visually appealing, and stand up to the rigors of a hospital environment. Laminated or paper-based ID cards simply don’t pass muster in the 24/7 bustle of a typical medical center, and certainly can’t meet the cleanliness/sterility requirements.

Doctor’s Offices Increasingly use Medical Photo ID Badges

Medical practices often implement comparable policies and procedures to those in major medical facilities. Medical staff photo ID cards add to the professionalism of even the smallest practice. Nursing name badges are the norm in the industry, and have become the de-facto standard for support staff. But Medical Doctor ID cards are equally important now to facilitate doctor-patient relations.

Advanced Functionality

With the increasing sophistication of health care service delivery, more and more medical centers are implementing advanced card systems, giving their personnel access to a wide range of facilities and services. Our cards are frequently printed with one or more barcodes, or have a magnetic stripe, to facilitate the logging of transactions and to allow access to restricted areas. An increasing number of hospitals are using prox cards and smart cards to provide enhanced security and increased capabilities. InstantCard can provide you with additional information on any of these options.

Tech & Security Options for Medical Facilities

Put patients at ease

One of the primary purposes of a high-quality photo ID card is to re-assure patients. A badge immediately indicates to a patient the qualifications of the person they’re dealing with – doctor, nurse, physical therapist, specialist, etc. And it provides a name, taking some of the anonymity out of a potentially impersonal contact. It has now become so routine that most patients expect their care-givers to carry an ID card, and ask questions when a Photo ID is not present.

Click here to see an article on Health Care Photo ID Cards which appeared in “Facility Care Magazine“, the Professional Healthcare Industry’s leading print & online resource: Can I See Your ID? (see pg. 22).

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