About InstantCard

Since 2007, InstantCard has been America’s first 100% cloud-based ID badge service

Hearing about all the difficulties companies were having to produce professional ID cards, we realized that there must be a better solution. Emerging cloud-based technologies allowed us to take the hassle out of the process of creating Photo ID cards. The developments since have completely validated our belief that card production via the web is far more efficient than traditional card production using either a local print-shop or in-house printing.

At the core of our business is the desire to eliminate the hassle of producing a single ID card, which is common to businesses of all sizes.

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Meet the Team

David Finkelstein ID Photo

David Finkelstein

CEO & Founder

David loves all things tech, as well as travel, reading, skiing, and scuba diving. He spent most of his career in telecoms, in both Europe and the US. His favorite place in the world is Paris, although the home town of his Alma Mater, Stanford, is a close second.

David Finkelstein ID Photo

Yann Matthew

Chief Operating Officer

Yann enjoys exploring and discovering new fun things to do and see. You can find Yann playing underwater hockey at his local pool! (Ask him about it if you are curious!) Besides loving the sunny days and the outdoors, Yann tries to keep in touch with all the new technologies constantly coming out!

Amanda Bott ID Photo

Amanda Bott

VP of Customer Happiness

Amanda’s first loves are her 3 cats with learning new design techniques and programs a close second. In her pastime she advocates for animal rights through social media and her design work. During the warm months she enjoys spending her time outdoors swimming, camping, and playing putt-putt. During the winter she stays inside praying for summer.

David Allen ID Photo

David Allen

UX Prestidigitator

When David isn’t working you can probably find him reading at a café or rock-climbing in south-west France. While he is passionate about art and writing, his masters degree is in mathematics. Ask him about his thesis sometime, and he’ll probably wave his arms and excitedly yell “doughnuts!”

Libert Schmidt ID Photo

Libert Schmidt

The Cloud King

When Libert is not in front of his laptop he is more likely to be listening to music or learning new stuff —from how to cook an Italian meal to how to train a dog. He also enjoys exploring different types of cultures’ food and languages.

George Vargas ID Photo

George Vargas

Hardware Wizard

George identifies himself as an honest, hardworking, and dedicated individual. When George is not working you will most likely find him smiling at the sun and listening to music in his convertible. He also enjoys Bowling, Video Gaming, DJ Mixing, and making people laugh.

Jocelyn Mejia ID Photo

Jocelyn Mejia


An artistic soul, Jocelyn loves looking into psychology, technology (like augmented reality), and health and fitness. She loves to cook, draw, and learn more about the world around her. Some of her favorite subjects are technology, design, and how things work.

Laura Finkelstein ID Photo

Laura Finkelstein

Success Concierge

Laura is a creative who enjoys learning new crafts, spending time outside in the sun and taking care of all her plants. She can often be found cuddling up with her cat Céline or taking her dog Clark on long walks.

Laura Finkelstein ID Photo

Dami Komolafe

Mister React

Dami works in software development and also has an interest in hardware. Outside of work he enjoys checking out the latest tech devices that are soon to be released and playing/watching soccer. He would love to go to Manchester, England and experience being a fan in one of the worlds biggest stadiums.

Jessica Phillips ID Photo

Jessica Phillips

The Prioritizer

Jessica believes in a balance of hard work and adventurous pursuits with family and friends. If not exploring land or water, you will find her creating mixed media and textile crafts during her free time.

Gina McNay ID Photo

Gina McNay


Gina is on a mission to help you design a stellar ID badge. She enjoys filling her home with plants, propagating them for friends, & roller skating. In her spare time, you can find Gina in the backyard by the fire with her two rescue dogs, Reagan & Lola.

beliefs 5Our Beliefs

We believe you should be able to order cards in any quantity.

Rather than focusing just on big batches, we designed our system to meet your needs on a day-in/day-out basis.  So you can easily order employee ID badges when new employee join your organization.

We believe you deserve straight talk on the tech best suited to your needs.

Whether large or small, your business might benefit from various card technologies. And, since most of us here are techies, we’re excited to bring those to you without a lot of mumbo-jumbo. We pride ourselves on giving unbiased advice as to what you do and do not need. We are constantly developing new APIs, and new uses of standard tech to help you get the most out of your cards. (It’s fun for us and cost-effective for you!)

We believe your satisfaction should be 100% guaranteed.

You are buying the finished product, not the process. The finished product should be perfect.

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