ICO SP2024 Feature Update

We've added QR code support and vCard encoding to the Individual Card Ordering Service (ICO). You may now have a user enter data that generates a QR code. Additionally, the ICO can generate vCard fields and encode vCard data directly to a QR code (and, optionally, [...]

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Why APIs are perhaps the most important technology in the ID card business

The production of ID cards is an important element of the secure identification ecosystem.  This broad area of technology has become an essential part of modern life, because personal identification is the cornerstone of system security.  Security has leapt to the forefront of our collective consciousness [...]

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Why the QR code on a vCard is so much better than NFC

I recently attended a major industry conference, and gained some interesting insights about the use vCards in day-to-day interactions with fellow businessmen.  I had decided to systematically use my vCard with everyone I met, to see how it performed and to test peoples’ reactions, rather than [...]

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Why I believe that ID cards aren’t going away anytime soon

Many people, when they hear that I run America’s leading online photo ID card provider, ask me “but isn’t that a dying business?”  Aren’t ID cards going the way of the buggy whip and the steam engine?  But you know what? I’ve been hearing that reaction [...]

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Why using ID Card design software for photo ID cards is a bad idea

Here at InstantCard we are occasionally asked whether we offer a card layout tool to allow our clients to design their own ID card templates.  We have long resisted the temptation to release such a tool, as we think that our clients are not well-served by [...]

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Individual Card Ordering Features and Options

ICO Overview Over the past few years, InstantCard has invested heavily in building out the technical capabilities of its ICO (Individual Card Ordering) service.  ICO is a unique cloud service which gives the employees, students, or members of a client organization the ability to order their [...]

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Introducing the InstantCard Badge Shop: Your One-Stop Source for ID Badge Accessories and More!

The wait is over! We are thrilled to announce the launch of the InstantCard ID Badge Shop, a brand-new destination for all your ID badge accessory needs. Since 2007, InstantCard has been a leading service in North America for outsourced ID badge production. We've always been [...]

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Innovative Designs for Employee Badges in 2023

As we exit 2023, the design and functionality of employee badges are undergoing significant evolution. At InstantCard, we are excited to be at the vanguard of this transformation, bringing innovative design elements and state-of-the-art technology to our ID badges. This is what AI thinks the [...]

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