Announcing Support for Adhesive Badges

Over the years, many InstantCard clients have asked us if we can print custom photo IDs on their existing "clamshell" badges.  These are the thick, hard plastic badges that are very commonly used to open doors in buildings.  Previously, we advised those clients to replace the hard plastic badges with credit card format badges, which [...]

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Designer Tip: Watermarks and When You Should Use Them

What is a watermark? A watermark is an image (normally the logo or other branding asset) that is put on the card with a transparency so it doesn't stand out in full color. It is typically used as a design feature to make the ID card look more professional, and further shows the authenticity of [...]

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Variety Child Learning Center—Nonprofit of the Month

We've been working with the wonderful people at Variety Child Learning Center creating their employee ID badges since 2008. We are extremely proud of this partnership, as their commitment to special education and family support has continued to positively impact families for more than 50 years. From their website: Variety Child Learning Center (VCLC), [...]

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InstantCard: the Epitome of “High-Tech High-Touch” Service

In 1981 John Naisbitt published a blockbuster book called Megatrends.  Of the 10 major trends he identified, one, which he called “High-Tech High-Touch”, was so profoundly important that it led to the publication of a second best-seller, by that exact name, in 1999.  We believe that the way InstantCard has operated from its beginning has [...]

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What Even is “the Cloud” ?

"The cloud," has become a technological buzz word. People love to use it, even if they aren't really quite sure what it is. And, in the interest of full disclosure, we pepper this site with the fact that we are "cloud-based" because it makes us sound awesome. (I mean, we are awesome, so I have [...]

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What technologies are available for personnel to clock-in and clock-out?

“Clocking-in” is a time-honored use of ID cards.  Employees have been "punching-in" when they arrive at work since the early days of industrial automation.  The word "punch-in" came from the now outdated technology of punch cards, or paper cards with small slots in them to allow automated reading for payroll purposes.  Today, modern technologies make the [...]

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Membership Cards delivered quickly and efficiently

We are gratified to note that more and more associations and membership organizations are turning to InstantCard to fulfill their membership card requirements.  Traditionally, membership cards were mailed out once a year, in a big batch, by a specialized fulfillment shop.  They would process one big file of membership data, print all the cards, and [...]

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Tips on avoiding accidents involving ID cards on the worksite

In many industries, it is considered “Best Practice” to require employees to wear a visible employee ID badge at all times.   This allows a company to verify that everyone on site has been appropriately vetted and is authorized to be present. However, some industries require staff members to perform physical tasks which can be more [...]

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Gift of Life Michigan—Nonprofit of the Month

At InstantCard, we're proud to say that we've been working with Gift of Life Michigan for more than eight years. Through innovative programs and exceptional service, they continue to maximize organ and tissue donation for transplantation in Michigan. From their website: Gift of Life Michigan, headquartered in Ann Arbor, is the state's only federally designated organ and tissue [...]

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Color Scheming

Chances are, If you're coming to us, you already have a logo and established branding. But, perhaps, your logo includes only one or two colors and you haven't given much thought to what other colors might accent you ID badges. This is very important—colors on an ID badge greatly affect how others view your company. [...]

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