Membership Cards delivered quickly and efficiently

We are gratified to note that more and more associations and membership organizations are turning to InstantCard to fulfill their membership card requirements.  Traditionally, membership cards were mailed out once a year, in a big batch, by a specialized fulfillment shop.  They would process one big file of membership data, print all the cards, and [...]

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Tips on avoiding accidents involving ID cards on the worksite

In many industries, it is considered “Best Practice” to require employees to wear a visible badge at all times.   This allows a company to verify that everyone on site has been appropriately vetted and is authorized to be present. However, some industries require staff members to perform physical tasks which can be more difficult to [...]

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Gift of Life Michigan—Nonprofit of the Month

At InstantCard, we're proud to say that we've been working with Gift of Life Michigan for more than eight years. Through innovative programs and exceptional service, they continue to maximize organ and tissue donation for transplantation in Michigan. From their website: Gift of Life Michigan, headquartered in Ann Arbor, is the state's only federally designated organ and tissue [...]

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Color Scheming

Chances are, If you're coming to us, you already have a logo and established branding. But, perhaps, your logo includes only one or two colors and you haven't given much thought to what other colors might accent you ID badges. This is very important—colors on an ID badge greatly affect how others view your company. [...]

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Enhance Your ID Card Security with Chip Card Technology

Over this past year, U.S. banks have taken a giant step toward increasing the security of financial transactions by adding smart-chips to our debit and credit cards.  Now that Americans are becoming familiar with seeing chips on their bank cards, many are asking us if the same technology can be used to enhance the [...]

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When to consider adding an expiration date on your ID cards

Many of our clients issue photo ID cards without an expiration date. For companies which have an exit interview procedure, an expiration date is often not necessary because they can recover the ID card when an employee leaves. Other organizations are not concerned about the potential for an ex-employee to potentially use an ID card [...]

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Turn your ID card program into a Profit Center

For most companies that issue ID cards, this small expense is simply considered a cost of doing business. However, the members of many organizations place great value on the ID card associated with their membership. Whether it is used to access facilities and services, or necessary to participate in sponsored programs, or simply pride of [...]

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Designer Tip: Using a Photo Background

Are you proud of the city you work in, the building for your company, or the truck you use on the job? You might be able to use it as the background for your ID Card! With a high enough quality photo taken with just the right lighting your beloved city could be worn with [...]

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Visit the InstantCard team at ISC West in Las Vegas

A month from now the InstantCard team will be giving live demonstrations at the ISC West Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. ISC West, taking place this year from April 4-7 2017, is the largest trade show in the United States focused entirely on the security industry. All the major vendors and industry leaders meet [...]

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More Than Just a Flash-Pass

Without a doubt, a lot of our clients require simple, classic ID badges. And, while such badges can be printed in-house, they come to us because of a general, well-deserved hatred of jammed printers. We do, however, have quite a few clients who realize that by outsourcing ID badge production it is far easier [...]

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