The Benefits of a Student ID Card For the Entire School

Having a convenient and effective way to identify the students at your educational facility is essential if you want to provide a safe and enjoyable campus experience for students, teachers, administrative staff, and others who interact with your enrollees on a regular basis. Remember, student IDs are [...]

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Designing Your Template In Canva

While we do not have a template design software open to the public some of our clients choose to use their own resources to design the templates themselves. This is perfectly acceptable with InstantCard and as long as it meets our Artwork Guidelines we will be able [...]

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How To Upload a Spreadsheet

We'll show you how to bulk-generate ID cards by uploading a spreadsheet. • Download the spreadsheet template • Add the card information to the appropriate columns • Upload the spreadsheet • Generate any number of ID cards in a matter of seconds [...]

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Things Every Business Needs: What Small Business Needs

Quarterly objective planning, making crucial financial decisions, and executing a succession of legal actions are all part of what every business needs to be a success. The apparent tasks, like naming the company and designing a logo, are well-known, but what about the less-publicized and equally crucial [...]

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Office Building Security: Commercial Building Systems and Devices

Building security is one of the most neglected but crucial aspects of ensuring your company's safety and profitability. Whether or not you've had a previous security breach, ensuring your workplace is adequately protected will assist in preventing and significantly reducing the possibilities of a break-in. Implementing a [...]

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Protecting Your Children: IDs for Kids

In an increasingly unsafe world, parents are wondering how they can better protect their children. IDs are a great way to protect your child, ensuring their safety with an authentic form of photo ID to carry with them at all times. Children’s IDs provide information and a [...]

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