The Big IDea: ID Card Dimensions

Most of our clients make use of our free template design. But, from time to time we have clients who want to provide their own designs. This is no problem, of course. But, creating [...]

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ID Cards for Marijuana Dispensaries

All cards are designed for free, shipped same-day, and ordered online. An increasing number of states have Medical Marijuana laws. And, many of these laws include strict guidelines for IDs for patients. However, producing [...]

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See our New Dealer Services at ISC West in Las Vegas

We're now just one month away from the country's biggest security-focused conference, ISC West.  ISC, the International Security Conference, takes place each spring at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas.  This year it will be [...]

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The Big IDea: Holographic Overlays

Dave is back with The Big IDea. Today he discusses ID badge overlays. Namely: What are they? Are the more secure? And, finally, some of his suggestions regarding overlays. We're often asked to see [...]

The Big IDea: Badge Bragging

We've seen quite a few articles recently discussing the phenomenon of "badge bragging." These posts all came on the heels of posts from Brian R. Varner, with Semantec Cyber Security. If you are not [...]

Are Photo ID Cards “required” for medical practices?

We are often asked if it is "mandatory" for medical and health-care practices to furnish photo ID cards to their staff members.  Some people wonder whether this is part of the "HIPAA" (Health Insurance Portability and [...]

Can I pick up my cards at your office?

Occasionally clients in our region (Maryland-DC-Northern Virginia) ask us if they can drop by to pick up their cards.  While we love to meet our customers, all our clients find that delivery by USPS is a [...]

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Client Spotlight—December 2017

While we consider all of our clients equally as special, we felt it appropriate to spotlight the following client. Not only do they boast an impressive 85,852 employees, but they deliver over 5 billion units a [...]

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Now Available: Custom Holographic Overlays for Medical Professionals

InstantCard is pleased to announce the availability of a holographic overlay specially designed for the health care industry.  Previously, our medical clients who needed a higher degree of security only had the option of our [...]

When does Outsourcing Photo ID Card production make sense?

Choosing between in-house production and an outsourced service is similar to the classic “make-vs-buy” decision. Whether its due to staff availability, the complexities of setting up and running a professional ID card program, or unclear [...]

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