Why I believe that ID cards aren’t going away anytime soon

Many people, when they hear that I run America’s leading online photo ID card provider, ask me “but isn’t that a dying business?”  Aren’t ID cards going the way of the buggy whip and the steam engine?  But you know what? I’ve been hearing that reaction [...]

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Why using ID Card design software for photo ID cards is a bad idea

Here at InstantCard we are occasionally asked whether we offer a card layout tool to allow our clients to design their own ID card templates.  We have long resisted the temptation to release such a tool, as we think that our clients are not well-served by [...]

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Individual Card Ordering Features and Options

ICO Overview Over the past few years, InstantCard has invested heavily in building out the technical capabilities of its ICO (Individual Card Ordering) service.  ICO is a unique cloud service which gives the employees, students, or members of a client organization the ability to order their [...]

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Innovative Designs for Employee Badges in 2023

As we exit 2023, the design and functionality of employee badges are undergoing significant evolution. At InstantCard, we are excited to be at the vanguard of this transformation, bringing innovative design elements and state-of-the-art technology to our ID badges. This is what AI thinks the [...]

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Custom ID Badges: Enhancing Your Brand and Security

In the contemporary business landscape, where security intersects with branding, custom ID badges stand out as a crucial element. At InstantCard, we specialize in creating custom ID badges that not only bolster security but also amplify brand identity. A Blend of Security and Branding Our custom [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Employee ID Cards: Benefits and Best Practices

In the realm of modern business operations, the role of employee ID cards extends far beyond simple identification. These cards are pivotal in streamlining security protocols, enhancing brand visibility, and ensuring efficient management of personnel. At InstantCard, we dedicate our expertise to crafting ID cards that [...]

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Designer Tip: What Should I Put On The Back Of My ID Card?

When designing your company's ID cards, a crucial aspect to consider is what to include on the back of the card. It's a space that's often overlooked but can be a great resource to utilize for additional information. With thoughtful planning, you can optimize this space [...]

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Do You Need A Signature On Your Photo ID Card?

Signatures on personal ID cards have, in general, become more and more rare, since they are a hold-over from the pre-digital age. Signatures are required less and less on debit and credit cards.  But even if you have a signature on your card, ask yourself when [...]

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ID Card Template Management in Complex Organizations

Managing Templates in a Complex Organizational Structure Large corporations typically have many offices and facilities spread around the country, or indeed the world.  With a wide footprint, the challenge of managing their personnel’s identity badging in an efficient and secure manner becomes extremely complex.  Human Resources [...]

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