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Your field staff should all carry Photo ID Cards

There are a wealth of companies providing all kinds of on-site services in America’s homes and offices: cleaning, repairs, sales, installation, delivery, appraisals, maintenance – the list goes on and on. These individuals are generally expected to be able to prove their identity – and what better way to do that than with a Photo ID card?

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Knock, Knock, Who’s There?

Clear, simple, and professional, Photo ID cards leave no doubt about who is knocking at the door. Many companies have instituted policies which require clear, unequivocal identification on the part of all subcontractors and service providers. And homeowners now expect that the field service operator can show positive proof of the company they represent.

Give your staff a Professional Edge

Photo ID cards make that first client contact smooth and easy. Field staff present a more professional image, and clients are immediately re-assured. Our cards can be customized to present all the requisite information necessary to allay concerns on the part of clients. Some badges clearly present an individual’s credentials or certifications, and others provide a contact phone number for verification purposes. Whether they are worn around their necks, or carried in their wallets, your staff will be proud to show off these professional badges!

We are the ID Card Exports for On-Site Service Providers

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