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From technology, to single-card orders for late enrollment,
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Order ID cards for 1 student or 10,000 students.

We designed our system to work with any sized order—giving you the flexibility you need. Card price doesn’t change based on batch size.

So, If you have a late enrollment in you K-12 school, don’t worry! You may order just one card at a time at the same cost of every other student ID card. It will still shipped same — day, getting to you when the student needs it.

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Example ID Designs For Service Providers

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Late enrollments?

If you get your student IDs from a school portrait photographer, we can still help. We can copy their ID template exactly. That way, when you have late enrollments, you can order student ID cards individually — when you need them. And, of course, they will look exactly like the Student IDs you received from the photographer. Our prices are the same for 1 card or 10,000. And, all orders are shipped same-day.


Want to use student IDs to grant access to computers in the computer lab? Need functionality for library checkout?

We have everything you need to have your student IDs function as more than simple identification tools. From mag stripes, to barcodes, to smart cards; you can have your students use their IDs to access different services.

Faculty IDs

Because we offer unlimited templates, it’s easy to order your student and faculty IDs all in the same place. We will design each template for free, exactly to your specifications, to make sure your school gets the most out of its ID card program. Your teachers may need different card options (room access, perhaps?), which is no problem.

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