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Security for K-12 students is a growing concern

Schools are becoming increasingly aware of the need for secure identification of all adults on campus. Many schools are now instituting policies that all adults—staff, teachers, and visitors—must wear a visible photo ID card at all times.

They teach students to look out for any adult without a badge, and report it immediately to a staff member. Visitors are required to check in, and are issued a temporary plastic “VISITOR” badge.

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Technology to keep students safe

For the safety of students, it is good for them to keep identification on them at all times. Student ID cards are not simply for photo identification, however. They may be used for granting access to rooms, to library material, or to other amenities.

For example, they may have a barcode for library access, or a magstripe for building access. Validity dates for each semester or school year are clearly displayed. They may also be used, together with QR codes, to provide medical information in case of an emergency.

Picture This: How to Establish an Effective School ID Card Program.

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