Student ID Card Distribution for [typed string0=”Remote Learning” string1=”Homeschool Organizations” string2=”Private Schools” string3=”Online Schools” string4=”Hybrid Learning” typeSpeed=”40″ startDelay=”0″ backSpeed=”40″ backDelay=”6000″ loop=”1″]

Easily distribute student IDs remotely,
from your own website.

Our individual card ordering system allows your organization to
distribute student IDs online from any website.

We handle the rest.

Order Student IDs from your site

Distribute student IDs amidst hybrid learning models.

Quick, Easy, and Secure.

There is no need for physical contact or on-site ID printing for the quick distribution of student IDs.

We boast same-day shipping, getting students their ID cards right away, no matter where they are located.

For security, all orders may be placed in a holding bank, requiring confirmation before shipping.

We even offer free template design. So you can have your student IDs looking amazing, right away.

You Don’t need to be a developer

We developed our Individual Card Ordering as a turn-key solution
to integrate student ID card ordering into any site.

Try it


ID Card holding bank

Holding Bank

(optional) Require approval of cards before they are sent out. Ensure that only registered students receive a student ID.

simple ICO stylingSimple Styling

You can easily choose your own color scheme and fonts for the ICO. It will also inherit many of the styling options directly from your site.

secure ICO paymentsSecure Payments

The ICO system is powered by Stripe payments. That means that customers can pay with any credit card securely

3 drop shipping fo ICODrop Shipping

All orders will be sent directly to the students ordering the cards.

4 custom letters for ICOCustom Letters

All orders can include custom letters from your organization with your message and branding. They can use the order data to use the customer’s name.

6 ICO payment optionsPayment Options

You may set the ICO to deduct directly from your InstantCard account, or for the student to pay on checkout.

8 light codeLight Code

We deliver bulk of the ICO code through a CDN (content delivery network), so it doesn’t tax your web site.

9 easy image uploadEasy Image Upload

Our simple image tool allows students to upload, crop, and rotate images to be entered into your ID template.

10 stagingStaging

There’s a staging option to make sure everything is working exactly how you want before going live.

11 advanced customizationAdvanced Customization

We can provide the source code for advanced customization, allowing you to change all text, styles, etc.

We provide you with the code you need to implement student ID card ordering into any site. We’ll configure the styling options to match your organization’s colors and branding. Your students should be able to start ordering ID badges from your site the same day that we send you the code!

We know that sometimes its simply not possible for smaller educational institutions to offer ID card printing on-site. And, what’s more, with COVID-19 and hybrid learning models, on premise ID card distribution simply isn’t possible. We believe our ICO is the best way to remotely distribute low-cost, professional student IDs.

For common issues, we’ve included a troubleshooting section in our technical documentation. You may, of course, always contact us directly with any issues you run into.
Click here to see the technical documentation →

For all other questions