More than just a printing company

We develop card ordering software that allows you to:

  • integrate card ordering into your sites and apps
  • use your platform to distribute ID badges individually
  • earn revenue on cards without redirecting to an outside URL
Individual card ordering

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We have developed ALL of our card printing software in-house to make sure our clients can get the best, most efficient ID Badge ordering experience out there.

This means we have more to offer than card printing. We have opened up our API to external developers to allow integration of our software into web applications.

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We want you to get the most out of the InstantCard system. Sometimes that means developing your own applications. We make available all of our API endpoints used for our online card ordering system. That way you may develop your own apps based on our system. For a full list of available endpoints, please reference the full API documentation.

The InstantCard API was developed with certain workflows in mind. For example, in creating a card we developed a system designed to create a draft, preview that draft, and update if needed before any sort of finalization. To view some example workflows, simply use the links to the right. These highlight those endpoints most often used by clients using our API.

We are constantly updating our API based on the needs and requests of customers. If there is something your organization needs that you cannot find in the full API documentation, please contact us.

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View the full API documentaion

Not a developer?

That’s OK.

We developed our Individual Card Ordering as a turn-key solution
to integrate card ordering into any external site or app.

Individual Card Ordering

The InstantCard ICO lets you easily integrate card ordering into your own website. The system allows you to choose whether individuals pay for cards themselves at checkout, or if the cost should be deducted from your organization’s InstantCard account. Cards are sent to any address entered within the US.

This allows you to do several things without any knowledge of coding:

  • Easily distribute membership cards
  • Keep visitors on your website even when ordering badges
  • Have remote contractors order badges to their own addresses
  • Create a revenue stream from cards on your website
  • Appear as the distributor of a given ID/badge

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Learn More about our ICO
View the full ICO documentaion

Technical Support Services

We provide your webmaster with simple instructions on how to interface your website with our server. Our technical team can provide advice and guidance, and we can even provide special code for handling such tasks as picture uploading and photo cropping. This is our specialty, we’d love to work with you!

Full documentation is available which provides the detailed commands for communicating with our system. The InstantCard service can be accessed via either (a) advanced APIs using REST and JSON. Click here to see the API documentation →

Program Advantages

Web services can be a very inexpensive, yet high-profile way to build the brand identity of a national association, and to increase the value to members by facilitating their ability to show credentials and qualifications. It can make it very easy to implement a company-wide ID card program, especially for organizations whose members are dispersed geographically.

Above all, it avoids the overhead of setting up an in-house production process which can be expensive to operate and slow to respond to the variable nature of the demand for ID Cards.

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