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We offer the most secure, professional ID badges for first responders.
Security is our first priority. We will not print govt. ID cards without
a valid e-mail from a verified organization.

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Police ID Card with Badge

Non-falsifiable ID badges for police, fire, and first responders

ID cards are just as important as badges when verifying a a first responder or police officer’s identity. While old badges are somewhat easy to come by, a valid police ID card is not. So, it is imperative that all agencies dealing with public safety implement a secure, standardized ID card program.

Security is our first priority. We will not print govt./police ID cards without a valid e-mail from a verified organization.

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Example Government-Issued ID Badge Designs

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7 Things You Should Incorporate into Your Police ID Card Program

When it comes to police ID Cards, you
should be certain you are following best practices.

So, we created a white paper, giving more in-depth explanations for the suggestions you see above. Whether printing in-house or outsourcing, make sure you get the most out of your ID card program.

A government ID badge should fulfill the following requirements:

•  is non-falsifiable
•  instills confidence in anyone to whom it is presented
•  controls access to sensitive areas or computer data

If you aren’t sure what options are best for your department, please contact us.
We value straight talk and promise to never try and sell you something which you do not need.

Every department is different—every ID card template should be, too.

Police ID Card best practices security white paper

1. Smartcard Technology

A smart chip is the most fraud-resistant measure for any police ID card.
The chip may be programmed for numerous functions.

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1 smart chip

2. Supervisor Signature

A signature is not easily forged.
The signature of your department head adds greater credibility to your ID badge program.

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Police ID signature

3. Ghosted Image

For even greater security, you can add a second, faint image on the identification card.
This prevents someone from simply pasting their photo onto a genuine ID Card.

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Police ID Security: Ghosted Image

4. Overlapping Data

Overlapping the issuing date over the ghosted image further prevents fraudulent tampering with a genuine ID.

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Police ID Security: Overlapping Data

5. Department Address & Phone Number

The badge should contain a phone number which anyone may call, 24/7, to verify the officer’s identity.
An address aids in the returning of lost ID badges.

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Police ID Security: Contact Information

6. Department Seal

It should be absolutely clear that the employee ID card is associated with your specific department.
In this example, for further security, we also included a watermark of the seal

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Police ID Security: Department Seal

7. Information on the Back of employee ID Cards

The back of the identification card is a great place for additional identifying information. It may also be used for the department address, phone number, mag stripe, or a barcode.
We include B&W printing on the back of the ID cards for FREE.

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Police ID Security: Back of ID

Rest Assured

You can rest assured that we have what your department needs to implement the best ID card program possible. As a premier police ID maker, we take security very seriously. And, we will work with you to make sure your police or fire ID cards cannot be forged or replicated.

Your FD ID card, Police ID, or emergency service badge will look professional. It will be durable, able to handle the rigors of constant use. And your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Standardization Means Security

We recommend that you make the security features on your police ID cards readily available to the public. There should be no question of an ID card’s validity when sworn personnel present them to civilians.

We take great pride in producing identification cards which are not easily forged. Your ID badges will be the same size as a driver’s license and made of extremely durable PVC plastic. We’ll be happy to send you a sample ID card so that you may see for yourself.

Streamlined Process

Once you approve your free template design, easily add employee information online. Enter employees individually or as a spreadsheet. Our online app is simple, safe, and secure.

Cards are ordered online via our same-day service. A template means that you know exactly what you’re getting—every time—regardless of who orders the ID card. Have a look at some of our video tutorials to see the process in action.

ID Cards built for Extreme Durability

All ID cards are printed on extremely durable PVC plastic, using High-Definition thermal-retransfer technology. Your employee identification cards should hold up to rigorous, everyday use, while looking great. The addition of a holographic overlay increases durability and scratch-resistance even more.

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