7 Things You Should Incorporate into Your Police ID Card Program

Police ID Card Best Practices White Paper

When it comes to police ID Cards, you
should be certain you are following best practices.

So, we created a white paper, giving more in-depth explanations for the suggestions you see above. Whether printing in-house or outsourcing, make sure you get the most out of your ID program.

A government ID should fulfill the following requirements:

•  is non-falsifiable
•  instills confidence in anyone to whom it is presented
•  controls access to sensitive areas or computer data

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Every department is different—every ID card template should be, too.

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We must verify your identity before creating police/government IDs.

Security is our first priority.
We will not print govt./police ID cards without
a valid e-mail from a verified organization.

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All cards are printed on extremely durable PVC plastic, using High-Definition thermal-retransfer technology

The most secure ID Badges for:

Park Services
Search and Rescue
SWAT Teams
Disaster Recovery
Disease/Virus Mitigation

Standardization Means Security

Police Badge & ID CardID cards are just as important as badges when verifying a police officer’s identity. While old badges are somewhat easy to come by, a valid police ID card is not. So, it is imperative that all agencies dealing with public safety implement a secure, standardized ID card program.

We recommend that you make the security features on your police IDs readily available to the public. There should be no question of an ID card’s validity when sworn personnel present them to civilians.

We take great pride in producing identification which is not easily forged. Your cards will be the same size as a driver’s license and made of extremely durable PVC plastic. We’ll be happy to send you a sample ID card so that you may see for yourself.

streamilined ID card process

Once you approve your free template design, easily add employee information online. Enter employees individually or as a spreadsheet. Our online app is simple, safe, and secure.

Cards are ordered online via our same-day service. A template means that you know exactly what you’re getting—every time—regardless of who orders the ID card.

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