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ID Cards for Higher Education

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 Attendance Monitoring & Tracking in Professional Certification Programs

Many credential and training programs, especially for adult continuing education, need to track class attendance. The use of “smart” ID cards, with either a smart chip, barcode, or magstripe, can greatly facilitate the check-in/check-out process and automatically create the logs necessary to ensure full compliance. InstantCard can even help you set up a cellphone-based attendance tracking program. Contact us to discuss your exact requirements!

Identity cards are a must for colleges & universities.

Most colleges, large and small, now issue photo ID cards to faculty and students. These are primarily used for identification purposes, but can also be multi-function cards as well. For example, they may have a barcode for library access, or a magstripe for building access. Validity dates for each semester or school year are clearly displayed. While these may not be worn visibly at all times, ID cards are a necessity for accessing on-campus resources.

As you enroll students, you need cards right away.

All cards are ordered online and shipped same day, so you receive the cards you need when you need them. We don’t limit you to one delivery service—we will ship via USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

With our online app, it’s easy to add the information of new students as they are enrolled—individually, or by uploading a spreadsheet. You may use our API to pull your students’ information directly from your database. Either way, we keep the process as quick and painless as possible.

Working with many universities, we understand that you might have special shipping requirements. Do not hesitate to call us so we can make sure that we meet the specific needs of your school.

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