Photo ID Badges for Staff and Volunteers

Fortunately, our society has a wealth of charitable organizations and nonprofits. Representatives and volunteers from nonprofits are often greeted with skepticism if they don’t have a corresponding ID badge.

Whether it is fund-raising, community action, or member services, people associated with religious, benevolent, or social organizations are often called upon to clearly identify themselves. They are proud to wear professional ID cards, which help them avoid confusion and immediately instill confidence.

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Local regulatory obligations

In certain communities, anyone soliciting funds or going door-to-door is required to carry a valid ID card. While regulations vary, these ID cards always need to carry clear information on the carrier, as well as contact information for dentify verification with the issuing organization.

InstantCard ID cards fulfill these obligations while ensuring that when people meet your representatives, they know exactly who they are speaking with.

Member Identity Cards

More about ID badges for members

InstantCard always offers automatic discounts to all non-profit and religious organizations.

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