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After dropping out of College to focus on video production and graphic design, David decided to become a strength coach. And, after deciding to no longer be a strength coach, he went back to college. This resulted in a Masters degree in mathematics. His wife, fortunately, is very supportive. Currently, he is living in Toulouse, France where his wife teaches English. Apart from his work, you might find David café loitering, rock climbing, or skiing. He does, in fact, enjoy most caffeine-fueled, mountain-based activities.

Children First—Nonprofit of the Month

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Since September 2014 we have worked with Children First, based in Ontario, Canada. We are proud to associate ourselves with organizations, such as Children First, who invest in the mental heath and development of children.Children [...]

Virginia Home for Boys and Girls—Nonprofit of the Month

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Since Jan 2015 we have worked with Virginia Home for Boys and Girls. We are proud to associate ourselves with organizations, such as VHBG, who take a family-centered approach to addressing the needs of childrren. [...]

Children’s Advocacy Center of SWFL—Nonprofit of the Month

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We are proud to have worked with the Children's Advocacy Center of Southwest Florida (CAC) since 2014. They have been working towards improving children's lives, and the lives of their family members, through a coordinated [...]

Digital Drivers Licenses

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Louisiana is first in the race to a statewide digital license While several states have been testing digital drivers licenses, Louisiana was recently the first to make one available to all drivers, statewide. The app, LA [...]

The Big IDea: ID Card Stocks

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Most ID cards are printed using PVC plastic. And, for most clients, the cost makes this ideal. But certain clients benefit from composite card stocks.So, here, Dave talks about the differences, pros, and cons [...]

A Full-Fledged ID Card Service

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It's time to clear the air, to be frank about what it is we do here at InstantCard. I know many of you think we're ID card printers. And, admittedly, we probably encouraged that misconception. [...]