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After dropping out of College to focus on video production and graphic design, David decided to become a strength coach. And, after deciding to no longer be a strength coach, he went back to college. This resulted in a Masters degree in mathematics. David now serves as InstantCard's UX Prestidigitator.

Empowering Your Workforce: The Crucial Role of Employee IDs and ID Badges

Why Are Employee IDs and ID Badges Essential? In the ever-evolving modern workplace, two constants are the vital role of employee IDs and ID badges. These small yet significant tools enhance security, foster community, and streamline operations, making them indispensable in both small businesses and large [...]

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Designer Tip: What Should I Put On The Back Of My ID Card?

When designing your company's ID cards, a crucial aspect to consider is what to include on the back of the card. It's a space that's often overlooked but can be a great resource to utilize for additional information. With thoughtful planning, you can optimize this space [...]

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Understanding the Value of ID Badges for Your Business

In a world where security and professionalism are paramount, ID badges play an essential role in your business. More than just identification tools, these badges provide several benefits that often go unnoticed. This post delves into the different types of ID badges and their various applications [...]

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Community Living Renfrew County South—Nonprofit of the Month

About Community Living Renfrew County South InstantCard is proud to be proud to work with Community Living Renfrew County South, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to support their life-changing work serving persons with disabilities. InstantCard is a proud supporter of the Community Living Renfrew County South. As [...]

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Family Guidance Center of Alabama—Nonprofit of the Month

About Family Guidance Center of Alabama Since 2020, InstantCard has proudly served the Family Guidance Center of Alabama, located in Montgomery, Alabama, in their mission of providing support and services to families in need. InstantCard is a proud supporter of the Family Guidance Center of Alabama. [...]

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