Pre-Printing Graphics on ID cards vs. Printing All-at-Once

Whenever a large organization is planning to roll out an ID card printing project, it has the option of choosing 1-step or 2-step printing: 1-step printing involves printing all information, both fixed and variable, on a blank white card in one single pass. 2-step printing involves pre-printing [...]

ID Cards for Disaster Response Teams

We have noticed that a growing number of our major clients are issuing Photo ID Cards to those staff members who could be called upon to respond to disasters or emergencies around the country. There are a surprisingly large number of professionals whose services are desperately needed [...]

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ID Cards for Marijuana Dispensaries

All cards are designed for free, shipped same-day, and ordered online. An increasing number of states have Medical Marijuana laws. And, many of these laws include strict guidelines for IDs for patients. However, producing high-quality, non-falsifiable credentials in-house can be both time-consuming and expensive. So, [...]

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When does Outsourcing Photo ID Card production make sense?

Choosing between in-house production and an outsourced service is similar to the classic “make-vs-buy” decision. Whether its due to staff availability, the complexities of setting up and running a professional ID card program, or unclear requirements, most companies consider outsourcing as an option. One important consideration [...]

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More Than an ID Card Printing Service

As an alternate title, I might have gone with "don't reinvent the wheel;" but I was once told to avoid cliches like the wind. Recently, I was migrating an extremely massive contact list from one big cloud service provider to another. Unfortunately, the new service provider didn't [...]

Designer Tips: Going From Drab to Fab in 3 Easy Steps

In design it's really easy to forget the possibilities! Take an ID card for example. ID cards are commonly seen with really simple designs, but they look GOOD! In this post I'm going to cover how to make a simple, boring badge look professional in 3 steps. [...]

The Future Promised Us

The Net (1995) and its spurious notions of a Pizza.net The recent cyber attacks affecting the internet yesterday were somewhat surreal. Ignoring the negative aspects, it's strange to be finally living in an age promised us in 90's films. In addition to air, sea, and [...]

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Looking forward to those late enrollments

It is, of course, the season for "back to school" posts. And, here at InstantCard, we'd be remiss were we not to join in. Most other posts, however, focus on the present—things which might make the back to school season a little less hectic for you. We [...]

Rio 2016 Press Credentials

Since working with InstantCard I've become increasingly curious as to security measures taken during special events—the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games, say. Did you know that for journalists alone there are  seven different accreditation categories? (In case you never saw the need for having multiple, different ID [...]

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