8 Benefits Of A Student ID Card

School violence at all education levels has been on a dramatic rise over the recent years, and educational communities have recognized the necessity of taking action. One of the most efficient ways to prevent and fight school violence is the use of school ID cards. Educational establishments [...]

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How To Encode A Magnetic ID Card

Magnetic stripes are a widely used form of encoding data on ID cards. These cards work by storing data as a pattern of positive and negative magnetic stripe fields. Magnetic ID cards offer an additional layer of security and encryption to the data enclosed in the card. [...]

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8 Tips For Taking a Good Badge Picture

What’s the first thing that captures your attention on a school ID card, employee badge, or other ID credentials? The badge picture, right? Apparently, taking a badge photo seems like an easy job. You just have to look at the camera while the photographer snaps the photo, [...]

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How To Choose The Right ID Card Size

ID cards are a common item that almost everyone uses at some point in their lives. But, if you ask the average person, “What is the standard size of an ID card?” their answer would perhaps be something like "the size of a credit card" or "a [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Proximity Card

A proximity card (also known as a proximity badge or prox card) is a cost-effective way to control who can enter a building. Although locks and keys also help you keep buildings secure, they are inconvenient, time-consuming, and expensive to change or re-issue when they are inevitably [...]

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Service Dog ID Cards: What You Should Know

Service Dog ID Cards: What You Should Know Service dogs are fundamental aides to the lives of people living with disabilities, providing essential help for everyday tasks and activities. In most cases, people need their service dogs with them at all times, but moving around with your [...]

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Novelty ID Cards: What You Should Know

Novelty ID Cards: What You Should Know If you were asked not to introduce yourself verbally, but only hand around ID cards that gave information about you, wouldn’t you want to use something as representative of you as possible? You’d want something memorable and captivating. People forget [...]

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Pre-Printing Graphics on ID cards vs. Printing All-at-Once

Whenever a large organization is planning to roll out an ID card printing project, it has the option of choosing 1-step or 2-step printing: 1-step printing involves printing all information, both fixed and variable, on a blank white card in one single pass. 2-step printing involves pre-printing [...]

ID Cards for Disaster Response Teams

We have noticed that a growing number of our major clients are issuing Photo ID Cards to those staff members who could be called upon to respond to disasters or emergencies around the country. There are a surprisingly large number of professionals whose services are desperately needed [...]

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