Create professional and high-quality ID badges in a matter of minutes with our easy-to-use badge maker. No need to buy a badge making machine!

Our professional designers will create a free ID badge template for you. Or if you prefer, you may upload your own design. Our system supports unlimited templates. 100% of the money you place in your InstantCard account is used to print your ID cards. There are no startup fees, no batch fees, and no monthly fees to worry about.

How the InstantCard Process Works 

Here’s a sneak peek into the features we offer to make ID card printing a breeze for you. And guess what? It all comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Free ID Template Design

Our professional ID card designers create custom templates based on your specifications. We don’t use generic templates. This means, you get exactly what you need from your ID cards. From badge machine technology to design, we don’t limit you in your ID card options.

Same-Day Shipping

We offer same-day shipping so that you can get your ID cards right when you need them — even if you only order a single ID badge. You may choose to have the cards sent directly to your employees, or to any custom address.

Easy Online Ordering

You may enter each employee’s information one-at-a-time, or in a bulk upload via a spreadsheet. This data is automatically entered into the template of your choice. Our name tag machine was developed to make ID card creation as simple as possible for the user.

Different Badge Use Cases 

Our name badge maker can cater to a wide range of industries:

Police & Firefighter ID Cards

ID cards play a huge role when it comes to verifying a first responder or police officer’s identity. We offer the most secure, professional ID badges for first responders. Security is our first priority, so we never print the government ID cards without a valid email from a verified organization.

Medical ID Cards

Our professional medical ID cards meet all current industry requirements for your healthcare department. They’re visually appealing and can sustain the rigors of a hospital environment. We’re prioritizing ID cards for essential employees and workers during the Coronavirus pandemic.


We provide membership cards and photo ID badges for staff and volunteers of various nonprofit organizations. Our ID cards fulfill all necessary obligations while ensuring that when people meet your representatives, they know exactly who they are speaking with. All verified nonprofit organizations receive a discount on their ID badges.

Service Providers

Photo ID cards for services providers make that first client interaction smooth and easy. When field staff present a more professional image, clients are immediately re-assured. Our cards can be customized to present all the requisite information necessary to alleviate concerns on the part of clients.

School ID Cards

No need to buy a badge maker for your school. As we offer unlimited templates, it’s easy to order your student and faculty IDs all in the same place. We design each template for free, exactly to your specifications, to make sure your department gets the most out of its ID card program.

Home Healthcare

More and more states are obligating healthcare workers to carry photo ID cards at all times. Our ID cards exceed all regulations, so you can rest assured that your ID card program demonstrates your commitment to providing truly professional services.


Nearly all transportation workers have to carry a valid company-issued ID card along with their drivers license. Our professional ID cards can stand up to the rigors of an outdoor job better than any laminated or paper-based ID card ever can.

Multi-Site Corporations

Your local offices may easily enter personnel data and order cards for their facility. Headquarters can maintain full visibility over all ID card activity throughout the country, and approve all template designs for local offices.

Card Options Offered by InstantCard 

Our name badge machine uses the highest quality white PVC card stock (30-mil thickness), printed in brilliant 4-color on the front. Our print process ensures outstanding color rendering of photos and logos. Cards are generally printed in black on the back side, but they can also be printed with color on both sides for a small additional charge. The clear plastic protection layer ensures that colors will not fade over time.

Unlike the conventional plastic name badge machine, our industrial badge maker also provides holographic overlays that are permanently fixed over the face of your ID cards. Our general overlay includes the image of a globe and the text “Global Secure Card.”

Some of the special features of our name tag machines available at no additional costs include:

  • Two-sided printing
  • 1D barcoding
  • 2D barcoding
  • QR Codes
  • Embedded Signature
  • Magstripe (automatic encoding during card production)

As your badge maker of choice, we offer unlimited custom template design service free for all customers. Browse our gallery of sample ID cards designs here. If you already have a specific design in mind or are looking for a completely unique design, we also provide the option to start from scratch. Get in touch with us today to learn more!