Have you noticed the recent spate of articles about how much rage printers generate?

For example, “We must end the tyranny of printers in American life”.

Or this article, about printer “rage rooms”: “Need to smash a printer with a baseball bat?”.smashing printer baseball bat

Ah, printers, those infernal devices that seem to have a mind of their own! Here are the top three reasons why people hate printers, sprinkled with a pinch of humor:

  1. Paper Jam-ilies: Printers have a remarkable talent for turning innocent pieces of paper into rebellious rebels, determined to clog the machine at the worst possible moment. It’s like they’re hosting a family reunion inside there! “Hey, cousin Joe, why not join me in blocking the paper tray? The humans will love it!”
  2. Ink-sanity: Ah, the infamous ink cartridges – small, expensive, and utterly insatiable! It’s like they have a secret pact to run out of ink precisely when you need to print something super important. “Oh, you’re printing that report? Time for our ink to take a vacation! Muahaha!”
  3. Mysterious Error Codes: Printers are the masters of cryptic messages. They might as well be speaking their own secret printer language. Error code 0x80090017? Is that a printer error or an ancient alien code? Who knows! They love to keep us guessing. “Human, witness my prowess! I shall display an error code that even I don’t understand!”

Bonus reason: They’re experts at avoiding connections! You’d think connecting a printer to a computer is easy-peasy, right? Oh, no! They play hard to get like it’s a dating game show. “Sorry, I can’t connect right now. Maybe next time? (Hint: There won’t be a next time!)”

Remember, we might grumble about printers, but deep down, we can’t help but marvel at their ability to test our patience and provide endless entertainment with their antics!

But in addition to stoking your anger, some useful advice is actually being dispensed, helping people understand that they don’t need to own printers anymore: For example, this recent article: You don’t need to own a printer.  Do This instead: How to print without using a printer.

What holds true for regular paper printers, laser or inkjet or whatever, is doubly (or triply!) true for PVC card printers.  You can be sure that all the annoyances of printers: the regular and inevitable paper jams, the outrageously high cost of supplies, the mind-numbing software problems of connecting, updating, and maintaining the printer, the constant break-down and replacement cycle . . .these will all be amplified in a printer that has to handle small, hard plastic cards rather than thin, flexible paper.

If you are still hesitating between printing ID cards in-house or outsourcing the whole hassle, we have developed a handy online calculator to help you demonstrate irrefutably to your boss that, no matter what, it will save him/her serious money to go printer-free!

We at InstantCard have been aware of these problems for many years.  You could say printer angst is in our DNA. Our solution has always been to take these stress-inducers off your hands, and do the printing for you.  Because we only do ID card printing, and nothing but ID card printing, we’re experts at it!  We actually love it, and because we’re printing professionals we avoid all the frustrations that you, the weekend warrior, face when you try to occasionally fire up that recalcitrant beast and attempt to print cards on one of those infernal machines.

And if you really, truly love print hassles so much, hang on to your letter printer, but let us save you time, money, and aggravation by offloading your ID card printing woes to InstantCard!