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Site Growth Annual Increase in Number of Sites
Hourly Op. Personnel Fully-loaded Hourly Cost of Secretary/Operating Personnel $
Hourly Support Fully-loaded Hourly Cost of Systems Support Personnel to: Set-up; Install; Test; Train; Support $
Cards-Per-Hour Cards Produced per hour — In-house production
Set-up Time Set-up/Install/Testing/Training - Hours (including travel time)
Travel Set-up Set-up/Install/Testing/Training - Average Travel Expenses $
Tech Support Time Annual Technical Maintenance/Support in Hours
Sick Hours Annual Sick Hours
Printer System Cost of ID Card Printer System learn more $
Software Cost of ID Card Software $
Equipment Life Projected life of equipment (years)
Hardware Maintenance Maintenance as percentage of hardware costs %
Software Maintenance Maintenance as percentage of software costs %
Operator Training In-house operator training - hours (including back-up operator)
Printer Cleaning Printer cleaning kit cost per year $
Office Space Office space - Overhead Allocation $
Other Overhead Other overhead (insurance, G&A, etc.) $
Consumables Consummables for in-house production (card stock, film, ribbon, cleaner, waste, etc.) $

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These numbers are inherent to our operations. Because of that, they are fixed. But, in the interest of full disclosure, we wanted to make sure you were aware of all variables used in makingour calculations.

If you have any other questions regarding how we came up with our calculations, feel free to CONTACT US.

Cards Produced per hour: 
Annual Sick hours: 
Annual Technical Maintenance: 
Operator training - hours: 
Mailing Cost: 
Other Overhead: 

*Price-per-card is based on the number of employees per site. To learn more see OUR PRICING.

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