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High-end features on all our ID cards

InstantCard uses the highest quality white PVC card stock (30-mil thickness), printed in brilliant 4-color on the front. Our print process ensures outstanding color rendering of photos and logos. Cards are generally printed in black on the back, but they can also be printed with color on both sides for a small additional charge. The cards are the same size as a standard credit card. We use the highest quality printing technology to ensure that cards are not dull or blurred, and that the image will remain bright and clear for years to come. Printing is true edge-to-edge. The clear plastic protection layer ensures that colors will not fade over time. Small inexpensive printers cannot match the level of quality obtained through our high-end thermal retransfer production process.

Special Features and Options

Some clients require enhanced features in their ID cards, such as access control, computer log-in, or enhanced security. To meet these requirements, InstantCard offers the following card options:

Available at no additional cost:

  • two-sided printing
  • 1-D barcoding
  • 2-D barcoding
  • QR Codes
  • Embedded Signature
  • Magstripe (InstantCard can automatically encode the Magnetic Stripe during card production)

Available for a small additional cost:

  • Signature Strip
  • Slot Punch
  • Prox access cards, including HID, Kastle, and similar
  • Contact smart card – microprocessor or memory chip
  • Contactless RFID smart card

For clients requiring a higher degree of durability, or who will be using their cards in rough environments, we offer a composite card option. The body of the card is made of layers of tough high-performance plastic, able to resist extreme temperatures, and to withstand unusually harsh conditions.

Additional Card Security

Standard cards are already very difficult to falsify. However, if additional card security is required, we offer the ability to include:

  • Standard or Custom laminate overlays
  • Holographic overlay
  • Globe Hologram inlay
  • Ghosted imaging
  • Micro-printing

InstantCard Photo ID cards are highly professional looking, and are as different from standard paper ID cards laminated between two sheets of plastic as a Harley Davidson is from a bicycle! If you are not 100% satisfied with your cards, you may return them for a full refund.

Smart Cards

If you need help deciding what kind of RFID or smart card technology is best suited for your environment, you may wish to contact our sister company, BrightCard.

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