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ID Badges for Medical Staffing Agencies & Healthcare Providers

Just as healthcare providers would rather focus on patients than on staffing, you have more important things to do than worry about badges for your medical staff.

InstantCard prints and mails medical ID cards same-day, guaranteed, directly to your staff’s homes. Our highly automated process makes it easy and efficient to get professional badges in your healthcare staff’s hands quickly and painlessly.

Free Design • Easy ID Ordering • Same-Day Shipping

Hassle-Free ID Badges

InstantCard Account Setup

Submit your infoFilling out this form gives us all the information we need for initial account setup. Fund your account100% goes towards card production. Choose your options Choose basic design/technology options & upload your logo Template design You will be contacted by our professional designers to approve your ID template.
Can I send you a batch of photos for processing?2019-08-02T14:05:56-04:00


We will provide you with a personalized ftp destination on our site, where you can send all your photos. They will be linked by name to the data submitted in a spreadsheet. We also offer our unique photo-processing service which can process large batches of photos to make them all consistent: same face-fill factor (using facial recognition); same x-y dimensions; same definition & resolution. This is particularly useful when you have a large numbers of pictures coming from a variety of different sources.

Does the service use pre-set card design templates?2021-01-20T06:49:44-05:00

At InstantCard we pride ourselves in making custom designs for each of our clients. We prefer to make a custom design for you to best meet your exact needs. This is a free service. If you would like to get some inspiration as to what others in similar fields have done, to give our designer your preferences, please leaf through the card gallery on our site.  Your design will be unique, based on your logo, your color scheme, and your layout preferences.

You may also upload any inspirational examples for our designers via the template design form.

I’m not very design-oriented. Can someone create a template for me?2019-08-02T14:03:37-04:00

Absolutely. In fact, most people prefer to have us design their ID cards. We have expert graphic specialists at InstantCard who would be more than happy to design a custom template for you using your company logo, color scheme, and any other design specifications that you may have. This is a no charge service. And if you decide at a later date to make changes to the design, we typically help you do that in a matter of minutes.

Do I email you the employee photos?2019-08-02T14:03:06-04:00


Our online service eliminates email entirely, since this manual process is the source of most errors when dealing with an outside supplier. Our service allows you to just point to the photos for your IDs cards, then automatically embeds them onto your cards. Within your browser window, you will be able to easily adjust which part of the picture you want to show up on the ID (cropping). There is no need to worry about pictures mismatched with employee names, poor pictures, or improper sizing. You’ll see an exact image of card as it will be printed, so you can verify spelling and presentation, before you choose to print the ID card.

If you have a large number of employee pictures, we provide a custom service which automatically re-sizes and crops all your pictures to the appropriate format for your ID cards.

Can our card design include barcodes or QR codes?2021-01-20T06:47:19-05:00

Our service can support 30 different barcode symbologies, including of course the most common ones like Code39 and Code128. Cards can have multiple barcodes on them, on either the front or the back or both.

We fully support QR codes, which can create a linkage between the physical card and the virtual cloud-based information. Or they can be used to allow scanning of contact information.

Can I change my card design after processing the cards?2019-08-02T14:01:34-04:00


You may make as many changes to card templates as you like, now or in the future. In fact, you can make an unlimited number of card templates, at no extra charge. Many clients use multiple designs, such as for staff and students, or for temporary and permanent employees. If you update the templates, for example with a new expiration date, you will not need to change your personnel data.

Can you encode the magnetic stripe on our cards when the badge is printed?2021-01-20T06:51:00-05:00


Our service allows you to define the contents for encoding Track1, Track2, and Track3. There is no extra charge for this service.

Security is very important for my company. How can you enhance the security of our ID cards?2019-08-02T14:00:10-04:00

We offer a number of options that can greatly increase the security of our ID cards. Some of the options which significantly reduce the risk of fraud or falsification include:

  • Print your cards on smart card (chip) cards which can be encoded for enhanced security
  • Add a holographic overlay covering the full surface of the cards
  • Use micro-printing, which only high-quality high-definition printers can achieve
  • Print a ghosted and re-sized picture on the front or back of the card
  • Overlay or underlay complex graphics over variable data (photo, name, etc.)

We would be pleased to work with you to define the best security solution to meet your organization’s unique requirements.

Can I upload a sketch?2019-08-02T13:56:59-04:00

Yes! You may absolutely upload a sketch of your idea. Our professional designers will realize it into a complete design. They will work with you to make sure that the design matches your intentions. So, go ahead, scan the back of that envelope. We’ll make it into something you’ll be proud to wear.

Do I have to use professional design software?2021-01-20T06:49:19-05:00


You may use whatever software you are comfortable with. Just be aware, if you are uploading a complete design, make sure that it is 1050 pixels (minimum) on the longest side. If you are unsure how to do this, don’t worry—send us what you have and our professional designers can recreate it in high resolution. (If you are using a photo background, make sure you send us the full, high-resolution photo along with your design.)

What types of files can I upload?2019-08-02T13:55:22-04:00

Currently, we accept graphic files with the following extensions:

.pdf, .doc, .docx, .zip, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .psd, .cdr, .bmp

If you have something in a format other than that which is supported here, no problem. Simply contact us, and we’ll make sure that we get your template up and running ASAP.

Do we email you the employee photos? And where do I enter employees’ names and info?2020-03-17T08:23:45-04:00

The InstantCard removes email, and therefore manual operations, completely!  You will upload employee photos along with employee data directly to the website.  Once you have approved your first template design, you will be given login credentials to the InstantCard service. There, you may either enter each employee’s information one-at-a-time or all-at-once via a bulk upload using a spreadsheet.

Initial Account Funding

We will begin working on your custom ID card design
as soon as you fund your account for the first time.

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Minimum initial deposit is $195.00.

100% goes to card production. This will cover 20-30 cards depending on options.

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Not ready Yet?

What your staff need, when they need it.

We can send out your badges with accessories, like a clip, custom lanyard, or zip-reel. We can provide on-line tracking information so you can verify when the badges are received. Unique templates can be created for different categories of personnel, or different divisions. And we can integrate with your systems, using our advanced API, to make the whole process seamless.

Hospital Building

Example ID Designs For Medical Staffing Agencies

All templates are designed for FREE

Travelling Nurses Require Professional Medical Photo ID Badges

Medical practices often implement comparable policies and procedures to those in major medical facilities. Medical staff photo ID cards add to the professionalism of even the smallest practice. Nursing name badges are the norm in the industry, and have become the de-facto standard for support staff. But employee ID badges are equally important now for doctors and physicians to facilitate doctor-patient relations.  With InstantCard badges, your temporary staff you provide ID badges to, will fit right into their working environment.

Put patients and clients at ease

Medical ID badges have become so routine that most patients expect their care-givers to display an ID card, and ask questions when a Photo ID is not present.  One of the main objectives of high-quality health care provider photo employee ID badges is to re-assure patients. A badge immediately tells a patient who they’re dealing with during a visit – doctor, physical therapist, nurse, specialist, etc. The ID card provides a name, removing some of the anonymity from a potentially impersonal contact. And for temporary staff, identification to other medical professionals adds even more urgency to the need for ID cards.

Staffing Agencies have Unique Requirements

InstantCard has worked with a wide range of medical services firms since our founding in 2007.  Since each company has its own specific capabilities, we have developed a wide range of options to provide a customized solution to fit each business model.  From well-established centralized organizations which are expanding geographically, to new start-ups providing highly web-centric services, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you offer staffing services with one specific skill (like pharmacists), or a wide range (RN, LPN, CNA, etc), we can meet your needs.  And whether your company provides short-term, temporary replacement services or long-term staff augmentation services, InstantCard can surely simplify your badge issuance process.

Impress your Employees and your Clients

Focus on the successful operation of your staffing service, rather than jammed ID card printers! For medical ID cards, quality, security, and consistency must be top-notch. By outsourcing identification card production, you will guarantee best-in-class identification with minimal overhead.

We will make sure your badges are printed immediately, as soon as someone is hired.  We stand behind that promise with an iron-clad guarantee.  And we will get them in your staff’s hands as fast as possible – even next-day if required.  Because this is all we do, every single day.  No internal department can promise that.

InstantCard medical ID cards are printed on high-durability PVC plastic, using high-definition, scratch-resistant thermal retransfer printing. Cards are very attractive, while standing up to the tough conditions of a busy medical practice. They handle daily use in a typical healthcare practice without needing constant replacement, and they also support regular disinfecting procedures.

We offer a wide range of technology for your staff ID cards. Whether its for access control or to eliminate fraud, we make sure that your employee IDs fully meet your clients’ security requirements. Barcodes or magstripe technology is available at no additional cost. RFID and contactless smart cards are available options to address any need.

If you have multiple divisions, InstantCard can guarantee that your badging policy is consistently applied throughout the company. Each division may use the same template, or can have a unique design. This way, there is complete confidence in the identity of someone sent by your staffing agency. Employee data may be bulk uploaded via spreadsheet, avoiding data entry for each person’s information.  The spreadsheet can also include each employee’s mailing address.

Additionally, all cards may be automatically shipped with badge clips, zip reels, lanyards, or any other preferred method of attaching badges. We can even include branded accessories, such as custom lanyards, to enhance your company’s identity at the client facility.

There’s no problem if you need different templates for different staff categories. Our system supports unlimited healthcare ID badge templates. In addition, one of our professional ID badge designers will create all of your templates free of charge. And we offer free template modification services over the life of your relationship with us.

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