Holographic ID Card Overlays

Secure ID badges never looked so good. Watch ID Card holographic overlay video

Holographic Overlays are a Physical Layer
Permanently Fixed Over the Face of Your ID Cards

This extra layer not only increases security, but makes the card more durable.

Since holographic overlays are a physical layer, they increase card durability by making IDs more resistant to scratches and everyday wear. Cards with overlays typically need to be replaced less often, making them more economical than you might think.

Forgers cannot simply “print” the overlay design on a false card.

This physical layer is holographic, responding to changes in light. There is no way to replicate this through standard card printing—making it nearly impossible to counterfeit.

Holographic ID Card Overlays Video

General Purpose Secure Overlay

general purpose holographic ID badge overlay

Our general overlay includes the image of a globe and the text “Global Secure Card.”

Holographic overlays make it extremely difficult to falsify your ID badges.
They make cards more scratch-resistant and look extremely professional.

How Do Holograms Work?

hologram recording process for holographic overlaysHolograms are very difficult to replicate. This is because they are created using very expensive, technologically advanced equipment using a master hologram.

The master hologram is not, in fact, a photo. Rather, it is a light-field recording. This is why, as you turn the hologram, different parts appear and disappear; or there is the sense of a 3D image. This light field recording registers light from different angles, allowing perspective to change on a 2-dimentional surface.

For ID cards, these holographs are embedded into laminate sheets which are fixed to the surface of your ID cards. And, since the holographs aren’t actually photos, such sheets cannot be created with any conventional printer.

Can I just buy overlays to put over our IDs?

There are quite a few adhesive-backed ID card overlays available to the public. However, if you are able to purchase them, so is any forger.

It is always safer to outsource this procedure—ensuring that your overlay is only available through a reputable organization, who confirms customer identification.

We only make our police overlays available to confirmed departments—similarly for the fire department and hospital overlays.

Fire Department Secure Overlay

holographic ID badge overlay for fire departments

Our overlay for fire departments features the Maltese Cross & the text “OFFICIAL

Add an extremely professional feel to your firefighter ID cards.
You must provide proof of representing a legitimate department to order this overlay.

Holographic Overlay Benefits

Because the overlay is a physical layer over the ID badge, it provides additional scratch resistance.

In addition to increased security, holographic overlays look beautiful. They add a level of professionalism to any ID management program.

Holographs cannon not be replicated. And, once they change when moved, they cannot be printed onto a counterfeit card. Anyone familiar with your company’s IDs will spot a fake immediately.

The added scratch resistance and durability from overlays often means card have to be replaced less often. The small investment in overlays can result in long-term savings.

Police Secure Overlay

holographic ID card overlay for police

After smart cards, a holographic overlay is the most secure solution for your IDs.

Read our POLICE ID BADGE WHITEPAPER to learn more →

You must provide proof of representing a legitimate department to order this overlay.

No minimum batch size
even when ordering cards with overlays.

We maintain our commitment to having no minimum batch size, even with overlay options.
Get the secure ID cards you need, when you need them.

And, price per card stays the same, no matter the size of your order.

No minimum batch size even with Holographic Overlays

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