How The InstantCard Service Works

1. Fund Your Account

We use a declining balance system of accounting to facilitate single-card orders. Our system works like a postage meter, saves you time and money.

Watch the video to learn more→

100% of the money placed in your account is used to print cards. There are no startup fees. There are no batch fees. And, there are no monthly fees.

2. Approve your free badge template

Our professional designers will create a free ID card template for you. (You may upload your own design).

If you need more than one template—no problem! Our system supports unlimited templates.

3. Create Cards Using Your Template

Enter each employee’s information one-at-a-time or in bulk using a spreadsheet.
The information is automatically entered into the template of your choice.

Our web-based system was developed to make ID card creation as simple as possible for the user.

Simply choose your ID card template, enter employee information, and upload his or her ID card photo. Our system automatically puts this information in the template, ensuring uniformity.

Create ID badges using any device

Our cloud-based service works with any web-enabled device.

4. Order Cards to Be Printed

We have no minimum batch size.
All cards are shipped same-day*—even if you order one single card.

*For all orders placed before 4PM EST

Get the ID cards you need, when you need them. You hire employees one-at-a-time, so it doesn’t make sense to have a system which has a minimum batch size.

Our system was developed with single card orders in mind (which is why we use a declining balance system of accounting). This has benefits for both small businesses, and multi-site corporations.

You may also integrate card ordering into your own sites and apps using our custom APIs.

5. Your Cards are Shipped *Same-Day

using your preferred delivery method

ID card shipping

No matter how many cards you order, we’ll get them shipped same-day. You may elect to have them sent directly to your employees, or to any custom address. We can also include a custom letter, from you, for such drop shipments.

If you are a multi-site corporation, you may have cards shipped directly to their respective sites without having to deal with them in your central offices.

*for all orders placed before 4PM EST

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