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Proof of Positive Identity

The wide range of health care workers that go out every day to help the elderly, the handicapped, and the ill need ID Cards which unequivocally identify them as legitimate representatives of their company. Professional Photo ID cards help allay any concern on the part of clients concerning the legitimacy of the employee. There is no risk of falsification of our Photo ID cards. They are particularly comforting to elderly patients, and establish an instant visual contact. With growing concerns of security, Photo ID cards offer one further level of re-assurance.

Fully Conform to State & Local Regulations

More and more states are requiring photo ID cards must be carried, at all times, by all home health care workers. Photo ID cards from InstantCard exceed all regulations, so you can rest assured that your ID card program demonstrates your commitment to providing truly professional services.

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We’ve taken the hassle out
of ID card printing.

We have no minimum batch size. That means you may order just one or two cards at a time—at the same cost as all other cards.

Our professional designers will create your free card template. You may then easily upload all employee information and photos. Ordering is quick and easy, using our custom web app.

And, of course, all cards come with a money-back guarantee.

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Ensure a uniformly professional image

Organizations providing home health care services need to present a highly professional image wherever they operate. A positive first impression is ensured with the provision, to every employee, of a well-designed Photo identity card. Employee pride is enhanced, clients are reassured, and the company image is reinforced.

ID Badges are durable, secure, vibrant, & designed for FREE.

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Remote Workers? Multiple Locations? No Problem!

We designed our system to work with any size order.

Many home health care workers organizations work out of their home, or from small local offices. InstantCard can effortlessly provide services to these employees, even if they rarely visit the company offices. We handle all the detailed communications and mailing/logistics, to relieve you of this responsibility.

← This is simplified by our declining balance system of accounting!

Click here to see an article on Health Care Photo ID Cards which appeared in “Facility Care Magazine“, the Professional Healthcare Industry’s leading print & online resource: Can I See Your ID? (see pg. 22).

Another relevant article appeard in “McKnight’s“, a leading resource for caregivers: Best Practices Call for Professional Photo ID Cards for all Caregivers

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Your employee ID Badges or membership cards will be produced and shipped out the very same day—Cards on demand, when you need them! We offer the fastest turn around in the industry, regardless of quantity. Our designers are standing by to get you started!

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