Buying bulk ID badges can be a daunting task. For one thing, you have a higher upfront cost. You could also be unsure whether the cards are right for you.

While there are some concerns, buying personalized badges in bulk offers numerous benefits that often make it the smart choice.

Throughout this article, you will understand how to order in bulk from an ID wholesaler, the benefits of bulk ID card printing, and why ID cards might be a great fit for your organization.

How Do I Order Bulk ID Badges?

Let’s take a look at InstantCard wholesale personal ID card ordering process. These are our five actionable steps to quickly create and deliver cards.

The first step of ordering bulk ID badges is to create an account on our website. Simply fill out all the information needed to process your order. Later, you will have the opportunity to try out your badges before continuing with your wholesale business ID card order. We want you to have confidence and peace-of-mind knowing exactly what you intend to purchase. So, this step also involves adding funds to your account for the initial sample card order.

The second step is to approve your free ID badge template. You will gain access to our team of professional designers who will create a template for you according to your needs. They will work with you to understand your desired colors, fonts, and even select your required fields. If you already have a clear vision for your project, you can also upload your own template or even multiple templates.

You can then use our bulk ID card making software to enter the information about each employee or student you want to create a card for. You can either do this manually or all at once by uploading a spreadsheet. The information will be automatically matched with the template that you chose previously.

Once the information is ready, you can order the amount that you need to get printed. When you order bulk ID badges, you can always make smaller orders later for new employees or students.

Finally, when you make the order, we will ship it on the same day if you complete the order before 4 PM EST. Otherwise, your cards will be shipped the following day.

Benefits of Buying in Bulk

There is a reason why buying in bulk is such a smart decision. There are numerous benefits especially, if you take a long-term outlook.

For one thing, when you order more than 1,000 wholesale ID cards for employee products, you will only pay as little as $5.80 per card, compared to $7.80 and more, if you order a small batch or a single card.

For wholesale photo cards orders of more than 2,000, you can even get custom pricing that’s lower than the one listed above.

While the upfront costs of bulk ID badges may be higher, you will enjoy significant savings in the long term and get the best deals possible.

But pricing is just part of the equation when it comes to ordering in bulk.

Another considerable advantage of wholesale business ID card products is the ability to save time. Instead of having to order cards in batches or every few weeks, you can make a single large purchase for all of your employees or students, receiving all the badges at once and distributing them immediately.

As mentioned before, whenever you have new people join your business or organization, you can make small orders just as quickly.

Overall Benefits of ID Cards

If you are still unsure about adopting ID card technology into your business practices, this section should make the decision easier. We will look at some of the general benefits of ID cards that you should consider.

The primary and most obvious advantage of ID cards is increased security. ID cards ensure that each person is identified when entering the premises. It also prevents unauthorized access that could compromise safety or vital business data.

Another reason why ID cards are so important is that it makes the job of security teams easier. When people wear ID badges, they are much easier to spot. Any intruders will immediately stick out, allowing the security team to intervene.

Finally, whether you run a business or a school, ID cards will allow you to ensure that you protect expensive equipment in your facilities. You will always know who enters and leaves high-security rooms. The ID cards serve as entrance logs, ultimately, helping to monitor and protect the valuable equipment inside.

Why Work with InstantCard

InstantCard has been providing ID card services since 2007. We have accumulated the necessary experience to provide you with the best solution for your situation.

If you want to learn more about our bulk ID badges, please use our straightforward 5-step process to get started today!