Student ID cards have had a negative connotation in the past, especially because students are generally obligated to wear them. However, with the arrival of student ID cards with QR codes, and new app-based programs for support, things are changing.

With simple QR code integration, you can upgrade your ID cards with a QR code unique identifier for use with various smartphone apps. It helps boost student engagement and prevent unwanted behavior. Safety is a growing concern in schools nowadays, and an ID card check code can help keep students safe and engaged.

What Are QR Codes?

A QR code (Quick Response Code) is a two-dimensional barcode that stores alphanumeric information. To decode that information, you need to use a scanner or an app on your smartphone that scans QR codes. Many smartphones have built-in QR code scanning by default, including iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Motorola.

QR codes are everywhere: on brochures, flyers, newspapers, and other promotional material, but that’s not their only use. They are also very helpful in education, security, and payment processing.

Quick Response Code was developed in 1994 by a Japanese company called Denso Wave Corporation. They developed it for vehicle tracking and high-speed scanning in the auto industry.

Since then, Quick Response Codes have spread across many industries, finding many new application possibilities. Educational facilities have adapted the student ID card with QR code system for improving security and promoting student engagement.

Why Use QR Codes In Student IDs

Many schools have decided to make a scannable QR code and add it to their ID cards after learning about the benefits it brings. In addition to increased safety, they have been able to cut down on various behavioral issues among students by using apps. Certain programs provide quick and convenient ways to keep track of late arrivals, disciplinary actions, and absences. It aids school safety, and it helps keep the offices more organized. An app will also provide a unified standard for all students, so each of them is treated equally.

Schools in over 45 states are using student ID cards with QR codes to connect with programs that help track and show real data of bad student behavior. It allows administrators and parents to keep track of behavioral trends and act promptly.

Additional Student IDs With QR Code Applications

There are many advantages of using a QR code membership card for your school. In addition to improved safety and monitoring student behavior, some other useful programs and systems help schools optimize certain operations. Reward programs, library system integrations, lunch programs – an ID card with a QR code can streamline all of them.

Programs such as PBIS Rewards use QR codes to connect the student to their profile on a smartphone app. Each student can earn points and later use those points for purchases or other rewards. All they need to do is hold up the badge to camera and get their reward.

Lunch programs allow you to scan each item to collect the ingredient lists, which are integrated into QR codes. Also, you can add allergies or food intolerance to student IDs. Thanks to QR codes, there will be fewer food-related accidents.

School libraries are seeing massive benefits of using QR codes on student ID cards. It allows them to always be on the same page with the student about any books or media they require. With all the information about student activities and the literature, libraries find it way easier to keep things organized using QR codes.

How QR Codes Work

We can tell very little about QR codes just by looking at them, primarily because they were meant to be read by machines, not humans. Similar to binary, where a bunch of ones and zeros may mean nothing to me or you, but a computer reads tons of information from it, a QR code speaks its own language. To decode it, you need a device that speaks the QR language and understands it perfectly.

Although every QR code is different, they all contain seven common features. Each of them creates a pattern that conveys certain information, and each has a specific purpose. A QR scanner will translate that information and read it for you.

How To Create A Student ID With QR Code

If you’ve ever wondered how to create a scannable QR code for your school, you will be happy to know that it’s no science fiction. You can watch a QR code tutorial, design a common template in a QR code ID card generator, and make sure to include placeholders for important information. Once you’ve finished designing the template, choose which type of QR code you want to create: Website URL, Serial Code QR Code, or Simple Text.

To make things easier for you, at InstantCard, we can handle the entire QR code generation. All you need to do is order your scan employee ID badge QR code online. We will add QR codes to your ID card templates to help you keep your students safe and help them get the best education they can. Contact us to learn more.