School violence at all education levels has been on a dramatic rise over the recent years, and educational communities have recognized the necessity of taking action. One of the most efficient ways to prevent and fight school violence is the use of school ID cards.

Educational establishments that already use the ID card system agree on the importance of an identity card in school. While students may wonder why wear school IDs at first, they too soon realize it brings many benefits.

We’ve prepared eight crucial benefits that clearly explain what is a school ID and why it is important to use.

Increased Safety

Due to school shootings, bomb threats, and other violent acts we have seen over the last few decades, increased safety is one of the most important aspects of wearing a school ID card.

An ID system in school provides a quick and secure way to determine if a person belongs in the school building. All IDs are worn permanently, and they contain photos and relevant information so it’s easy to spot a person who doesn’t belong there. The more info you include in your school ID card design, the safer your students, staff, and visitors will be.

Student Identification

What is your school ID, if not a document of quick identification? They make it easy to identify enrolled students from those who aren’t, or from those who may be from another campus.

Students with revoked access privileges won’t be able to access certain areas. Meanwhile, active students can easily access all buildings, libraries, locker rooms, parking areas, cafeterias, etc. A good student ID system will help security identify individuals who don’t currently have permission to be in the building so they can address them quickly and appropriately.

Staff Identification

Your students need to be able to easily identify staff members, especially if an emergency ever arises. If you wonder why wear school IDs if you aren’t a student, imagine a case of an emergency where a student doesn’t know which staff member is qualified to help him resolve the problem.

It’s crucial to be able to identify current staff from staffers who don’t work at the premises anymore. Also, staff members who have special privileges or skills can have special IDs so they can be easily distinguished.

Visitor Identification

Schools usually have many different kinds of visitors. A lot of them are frequent visitors who visit the premises sometimes even daily, such as volunteers. By using an ID card program, you will help make the visitors more visible, and you can track the time they come and leave the school.

Additionally, it helps create a sense of community – when frequent visitors get their own school ID  badges, they feel like they’re a part of the team.

Improved Operations

The importance of a student ID card goes beyond identifying who belongs where. If you use the right card and program, the ID cards can be the most important asset for every student. They can use cards to get access to books and media items from the school library, or they can use them to buy lunch at the cafeteria. Tying ID cards with the systems your school already has in place will improve overall operations for students and staff.

Promoting Personal Connections

Personal connections have been neglected with the rise of the internet era, especially among young people. An ID card will keep students from feeling invisible, and they will also encourage them to learn each other’s names.

It helps promote socialization among students and it helps the students feel like a part of the community when everyone calls them by name.

Including The Community

You can promote cooperation between the school and local businesses by encouraging the locals to provide your students with special discounts for presenting a valid ID card. Also, you can tie students’ IDs with local public libraries or local workshops to provide them access to extra education.

Boosting The School Spirit

Humans like to belong, and sharing an identity with a larger community is essential for the development of every person, especially for students. They love school colors and mascots because they give them a way to feel like a part of the team. You can create a specific identity card format for school students that allows you to include your school colors and even add a picture of your mascot, and order it online. It will boost the school spirit and promote camaraderie among students.

Numerous benefits easily answer the question, “Why wear school IDs?” Ensuring safety for all students, staff, and visitors should be a top priority for every institution. Wearing school IDs has quickly become the method of choice for many schools in the country.

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