middle school student idKeeping kids safe is a top priority for any school. Unauthorized access can result in tragic incidents. Therefore, finding an effective and secure way to track students is an integral part of ensuring a safe learning environment.

That’s why the importance of student ID card programs has become more apparent than ever. Schools around the country are now weighing the pros and cons of student ID cards for their student population.

With that in mind, we outline what is a student ID card and, more importantly, how you can best implement an ID card program at your school.

What is a Student ID?

A student ID is a unique identification card given to each student. The student ID contains vital information such as the student’s name, photo, and a unique number.

Student IDs can also have barcodes or smart cards for additional identification.

Some of the places you can use your student card include school entrances and even classroom entrances. They help administrators stay on top of who is entering and which students are in attendance.

The cards could even be used in a cafeteria or a vending machine system. Students can load money onto their cards and use their IDs to make on-campus purchases.

The advanced technology provides crucial information regarding students’ whereabouts and actions. So, what can you do with a student ID? The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Pros of Student ID Cards

Now that we understand what are student ID cards for, let’s discuss the many student ID benefits.

Better Security

Student safety is a top priority for every school and college. However, most on-campus security measures face difficulties limiting unauthorized access.

With student ID technology, students can simply scan their card to a contactless reader as they enter the school or a classroom. You will know exactly which students enter and leave the school premises. This also restricts unauthorized personnel or students from entering classrooms or the campus as a whole.

Better Productivity

The implementation of student ID cards allows attendance to be tracked automatically. Teachers no longer need to manually track attendance before each lesson. Therefore, more instruction time is available.

In other words, more time is spent on the subject itself, which might not seem like a lot when looking at a single lesson, but can really accumulate over time.

Reduced Lunch Lines

Eliminate the lunch line bottleneck that occurs when exchanging cash. The cafeteria cashier would be free from handling money once student IDs become introduced into the lunch system.

Students check-in for lunch using their ID cards and also pay for their meals through the card. This increases cafeteria efficiency which leads to reduced lines, increased student eating time, and, since money is not being touched, better sanitation.

Involve the Local Community

Where can you use your college student card or any student card? Usability wouldn’t be limited to the campus.

You may partner with local businesses that might want to offer discounts to local students. These discounts can be applied by showing the ID card from the school.

Cons of Student ID Cards

Listed are a few drawbacks of student ID cards.

Student Privacy

Some people are concerned that ID cards might be too intrusive, forcing students to disclose their whereabouts and check in every time they step into the facility.

However, these concerns are usually unfounded because schools are a public place that tracks attendance anyway. ID cards simply ensure that only those with authorized access can enter.

Security Issues

Another commonly cited issue with student ID cards is security. Some fear that the cards might get cloned, making it possible for outsiders to gain unauthorized access.

However, modern student ID cards have advanced security measures that make hacking the cards much more difficult. If you choose a reputable provider and implement best security practices, you aren’t likely to face any of these issues.


Finally, some argue that having to use a card whenever you enter a classroom or the building is inconvenient.

But modern scanners make the process take less than a few seconds, which means that if new technology is used, students won’t feel bothered by the practice and will enjoy a much safer learning environment.

InstantCard’s Student ID Card Offerings

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Final Words

Weighing the pros and cons of student ID cards is an integral part of making an informed decision. But in most cases, schools see numerous advantages when implementing a smart system. Make your school more secure and student life more convenient.

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