In an increasingly unsafe world, parents are wondering how they can better protect their children. IDs are a great way to protect your child, ensuring their safety with an authentic form of photo ID to carry with them at all times. Children’s IDs provide information and a picture ID for a child’s safety. If you’ve ever turned your back in the grocery store and your toddler has wandered off, you know the fear it strikes into your heart. With a child ID card, a fellow shopper or good samaritan would immediately be able to identify your child and contact you. 

An InstantCard ID is designed to include specific information about your child for whatever situation may arise. You get to decide what information the ID includes, so you have total control. It’s also recommended that parents themselves maintain a copy of their kid’s identification card and carry it at all times.

Let’s look at why investing in child IDs is a good idea for parents who want to take that extra step to protect their children. 

Child IDs: What Purpose Do They Serve? 

Identification cards for kids aren’t simply for if your child gets lost in a crowd (or, let’s be honest, the aisles of a Super Target). Child IDs can ensure teachers or camp instructors are aware of any special requirements for those under their care, as well as provide emergency contact information if a child is traveling as an unaccompanied minor. 

Enrollment in Programs with a Child ID

Extracurricular or afterschool programs may or may not require a picture ID for a child, but it’s a good idea to have one anyway.

By using a child ID card template, free with InstantCard, you can easily include emergency contact information. This can be extremely helpful for teachers and program organizers if a problem arises that needs urgent attention, and they need to get ahold of you quickly.

With growing security concerns in U.S. schools, many educators are increasingly requiring children to carry some form of photo student ID. If your school has made this recommendation, it’s time to act.

Notation of Allergies 

Allergies can be fatal if your child encounters a trigger. For medical emergencies such as this, identity cards for kids can include lifesaving information on their allergies and what to do if a reaction occurs.

This information can be helpful in schools and for extracurricular activities. That way, whoever is responsible for your child can better protect them and act quickly if your child experiences an allergic reaction.

Allergy information is particularly useful if your child has serious allergies, such as gluten, peanuts, or pollen. This information on their ID card can prevent an allergic reaction from happening in the first place, notifying instructors which foods to keep your child away from.

Medical Information 

Children are curious, and they can be reckless. Accidents can and do happen too often with children. Children’s IDs can be a lifesaver if a serious accident occurs.

Including medical information on a kid’s ID card has multiple benefits. You can include crucial information on your child ID card such as: 

  • Medical concerns
  • Blood type
  • Medical release signature for first responders
  • Emergency contact information

Using our templates, you can decide what information is relevant to your child. Medical information is personal, but with fully customizable identification cards for minors, you can include only the data you feel comfortable sharing.

Durability of a Child ID Card 

Any parent knows that slips, scrapes, and sticky fingers are a reality of raising children. Our children’s IDs are designed to deal with the rough and tumble lifestyle of the average kid.

Every kid identification card is made from a strong PVC material. The tough exterior can be wiped clean, and the card won’t snap under pressure. 

We go the extra mile to ensure your child ID card will stand the test of time. Whether you want to order a few copies or just a single card, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’ll withstand anything. 

Remember that we always recommend that parents maintain a copy of their child’s identity card for emergency use.

Customization Options

 Our identity cards for kids are designed for parents by parents.

Security and privacy are two major concerns parents have when it comes to children’s IDs. While other providers focus on official forms of ID containing valuable biometric data, such as fingerprints, not all parents want this information to be readily available.

Full customization of child IDs enables parents to supply only the information they feel is necessary. InstantCard offers a selection of templates for easily creating a card suitable for your family.

Whether your child has allergies or you just want to protect your child in case of a medical emergency, you can create an ID card that fits your needs. There’s no such thing as a “standard” form of ID for children.

Customization with InstantCard is available at no extra cost.


The world is a dangerous place and for parents who are determined to keep their children safe, identification cards for kids are a great option. Both child safety groups and local law enforcement agencies recommend that kids today carry some form of ID.

With InstantCard, you can get a simple yet fully customizable picture ID card at an affordable price within minutes.

Place your order or get in touch with us so you can enjoy peace of mind while your little ones learn, explore, and grow.