Are you a freelance journalist or press photographer looking to make your own press card? Whether you’re printing a Delta media pass to reap the benefits of their additional luggage allowance or a freelance press pass to get backstage at a festival, press cards can be incredibly advantageous.

If you’re a freelance journalist, you’ve probably wondered how to create a press pass or how to make a media pass. Don’t worry—it’s surprisingly easy to make your own press card.

Not only are media press passes useful for helping you access private and exclusive areas, but they can also save your life. Many reporters who travel to war-torn areas must show their press pass to prove that they are not military personnel or a security threat. In some instances, failure to present such identification can lead to arrest or violence.

Can You Create Your Own Press Pass?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal and appropriate for you to make your own press card if you practice journalism or work in the media.

Press passes are not government-issued I.D. cards. They are similar to business cards as they convey the industry you work in and what you do for a living. If you’re an employee of a large media company, they may provide you with a press pass. However, if you work as a freelancer, you’ll have to make your own press card.

Press passes are different from media credentials, which are granted or explicitly created by event organizers. While you shouldn’t make your own media credentials, press passes are a different story. The freedom of the press extends to all citizens of the U.S., anyone can practice journalism.

Benefits of a Press Pass I.D. Card

A media press pass aids journalistic research in many respects, especially when businesses are concerned. Many companies rely on the press for their P.R. campaigns. Therefore, they cultivate relationships with journalists, ensuring fast accreditation processes for trade shows or conventions.

A press pass I.D. card helps media workers to prove their profession and access information or locations that are not privy to non-press members. This may include digital areas, such as cloud storage or business intranets, that are essential for journalistic research.

Enjoy a Wealth of Social Benefits

Using a press pass, journalists can gain exclusive access to various social events. This includes theatre premiers, formal receptions, and backstage access at gigs and festivals. Press passes make it possible for journalists to be the first to report on events, and this exclusivity is what keeps the news current and interesting in many countries.

In most cases, journalists use their press passes to gain access to areas at government buildings or event sites blocked off to the general public. This access is often necessary, especially for investigative reporting or in order to get exclusive scoops.

Additional Advantages of a Press Pass

Presenting a press pass can be advantageous when journalists are seeking accreditation for private events. As well as providing the opportunity to report directly from private sites, accredited journalists also receive exclusive press and photo materials to use in their articles.

Press pass privileges can also enhance day-to-day journalistic work. For example, discounts from service providers, such as car rental agencies or internet service providers, can be genuinely beneficial. If you’re a press photographer, various airlines offer discounted rates on additional luggage as long as you provide a valid press pass.

How to Make Your Own Press Card

You can use our free software and templates to make your own press card: Simply follow these steps:

  1. Add Money to Your Account

You can design press cards for free; you’ll only be charged for the printing and posting costs. Our declining balance system makes it easy to facilitate single press passes and multiple orders.

  1. Approve Your Free Press Card Template

Our team of design professionals can create a free press card template for you or upload your own design.

  1. Make Your Own Press Card Using Our Templates

Enter your information; our web-based system makes I.D. creating an efficient and straightforward process. Once you’ve entered all the relevant details, upload a photo, and you’re all set.

  1. Order the Press Passes to be Printed

Here at InstantCard, we have no minimum batch size, and all I.D. cards are shipped on the day they are ordered as long as the order is placed before 4 p.m. EST.

Work with InstantCard

Outsourcing your press I.D. badge saves time, money, and effort while providing you with all the benefits mentioned above. Obtaining a press I.D. card can open the door to thousands of exclusive opportunities for your journalistic career.

We pride ourselves on efficiency, honesty, and excellent customer service, ensuring you get the I.D. cards you need, when you need them, without hassle. Access our free press pass maker today.