Still unsure whether outsourcing ID card production is right for you? This script might be the most convincing thing you’ll ever read!


  • Bruce – The frazzled office manager
  • Charlie – A quirky, flamboyant employee
  • Barbara – A no-nonsense, stoic employee
  • Andy – InstantCard representative, also an eccentric magician


(Interior of an office. Bruce is wrestling with an oversized, steam-powered, ID card printing machine that’s groaning, spitting out sparks and occasionally small bursts of flame. Charlie and Barbara are nearby, with various IDs stuck to them.)

Bruce: (panting, trying to hold the machine together) I can’t… Can’t do this… ANYMORE!

Charlie: (dramatically peeling an ID off his forehead) But Bruce! The sweet harmony of creation! The enchantment of mechanical anarchy!

Barbara: (deadpan, pulling an ID from her hair) My ID picture looks like a Picasso painting of a walrus.

(Suddenly, a poof of smoke fills the scene. From it emerges Andy, the InstantCard rep. He’s dressed as a magician.)

Andy: (waving a wand) Fear not, good folks! For I have a solution!

Bruce: (squints through the smoke) Who on earth are you?

Andy: (bowing) I am Andy, the ID-card-alchemist from the magical land of InstantCard!

Charlie: (looking amazed) Alchemy? How glamorous!

Barbara: (flatly) Please tell me you’re not going to turn us into frogs.

Andy: (laughs) No, my dear, just the opposite. I am here to rescue you from your ID-card-crisis.

(Andy waves his wand, and an array of brilliantly printed ID cards float down from the ceiling like snowflakes.)

Bruce: (picking up an ID, surprised) My face… it’s not a steamed dumpling!

Andy: (grinning) InstantCard, my friends! Top-quality ID cards, magically convenient and customization-friendly, sent directly to your office.

Charlie: (gleefully) Can you make mine look like a dramatic gothic romance novel cover?

Andy: (nodding) With InstantCard, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination!

Barbara: (looks at her new ID, showing rare surprise) I don’t look like a Picasso walrus. I look like… me.

Bruce: (sighs happily) Then it’s settled. Farewell, you colossal, steam-spitting beast!

(With a final puff of smoke, the monstrous machine vanishes, replaced by a gleaming InstantCard banner. Confetti rains down.)

End Scene

(They all cheer, and the office’s age-old printer is ceremoniously wheeled out, replaced by a gleaming InstantCard banner.)

End Scene