ID Badge Holder

Wondering what an ID card holder is and the different types of ID holders available? Need ID badge holders for your business? Let InstantCard handle all of your ID badge holder needs. We have a variety of ID sleeves and ID card accessories, too, so we truly [...]

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How Do Chipped Cards Work?

Chipped cards, or chip-and-pin, are the new global standard for credit cards. The U.S. was one of the last major economies to make the switch from swipe-and-sign to chip-and-signature. The old magstripe cards utilized technology dating back to the 1960s. While magstripe cards became popular in [...]

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The HID Access Control System Explained

How do you keep your business safe from outsiders? The HID access control system utilizes HID cards to prevent unauthorized access to secure facilities. For example, a pharmaceutical laboratory may use an HID system to avoid sabotage, contamination, and the theft of secret recipes. HID access control [...]

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How to Make Your Own Press Card

Are you a freelance journalist or press photographer looking to make your own press card? Whether you’re printing a Delta media pass to reap the benefits of their additional luggage allowance or a freelance press pass to get backstage at a festival, press cards can be incredibly [...]

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I.D. Barcodes Explained

Whenever we make a purchase, we use barcodes. We rarely pay any notice to these machine-readable codes. However, barcodes — whether small businesses or global conglomerates use them — play a vital role in our economy's efficient and effective operation. I.D. barcodes are an essential aspect of [...]

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