Custom Hospital Badge Templates

We’ll create your custom hospital badge template for FREE

All customers, once funding their prepaid account, get free template design. We have designed ID badge templates for thousands of hospitals, clinics, and health professionals. You can be sure that your hospital badge template is unique from every other hospital and clinic. And, with every template, we aren’t satisfied until you are—you always have the final word on your custom template. All badges come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We offer every security option for your hospital badges

If you want to use your hospital badges for access control—no problem. We offer almost every option in rfid and smartcard technology. We also offer holographic security overlays specific to the medical industry. You can choose to have your badge template feature other security options such as ghosted photos, overlapping data, or supervisor signatures. Just tell us your specific needs and we’ll make sure your template fits them.

No Hassle. Period.

All badges are printed and shipped same-day. That means you get your hospital badges when you need them without dealing with jammed printers, card stock, or training staff to issue badges. We support single-card orders at no additional charge—every new hire is covered. Off side medical workers can even upload their own information and have their badges shipped to a remote address. Contact us to find out how outsourcing can save you time, money, and hassle.