How to Distill Our Service… ?

Recently, we set out to do a complete redesign of our tradeshow banner. It is our opinion that, fairly often, such banners are overly complicated—obfuscating the intended message or explanation of service. So, we asked ourselves how we could distill our service into a simple graphical [...]

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Can I Take ID Card Photos with My Phone?

YES. The image size and quality of today's standard phones is more than enough for an ID card photo. But, if you're anything like me, you'll want to see exactly how cell phone image sizes compare to the standard ID badge photo. The image to the right shows [...]

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Why are your cards so pretty?

Recently we had a client make the move from printing in-house to outsourcing with us. After their first order, we were asked the question as to why the cards we produce look so much prettier than their old, in-house ID badges. Both were printed on similar [...]

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Infographic: On Designing Your New ID Cards

Are you looking to design (or redesign) your company's ID badges? ID badge design affords your business a wonderful opportunity to stand out. Badge design can help bridge that gap between your public brand identity and the personal interactions clients have with your employees. But, this [...]

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