How to troubleshoot your ID Card Printer in 4 Easy Steps infographic

Let me guess. You have already…

  • Checked for a broken printer ribbon
  • Checked for a jammed card
    • Making sure to remove it gingerly (like that’s even possible)
    • Making sure its not due to a worn roller (what does that even look like?)
    • Doing your best not to swear (JK, swear away)
  • Checked the software
    • Making sure the drivers are up-to-date
    • Making sure firmware is up-to-date
    • Making sure your software works with your recent computer update

And you’re still having issues troubleshooting your ID card printer.

Why are you printing on-site?

Perhaps it’s time to consider outsourcing this non-vital task. You can free up man hours, the overhead of equipment and its storage. And, more importantly, you can go back to focusing on your core business. No more jammed printers, no more broken ribbons. Just employee ID cards, when you need them, shipped same-day.

We don’t sell hassle.

There are dozens of companies that want to sell you printers, card stock, and software. They are selling you hassle. We created InstantCard to avoid just this. We have new clients coming to us regularly because they are tired of troubleshooting. In fact, so many people tell us this that we thought the above “infographic” might be a fun reminder that some things are just better outsourced.

Welcome to IDCaas—ID cards as a service!