ID card system advantages flowchart for trade show bannerRecently, we set out to do a complete redesign of our tradeshow banner. It is our opinion that, fairly often, such banners are overly complicated—obfuscating the intended message or explanation of service. So, we asked ourselves how we could distill our service into a simple graphical representation, and make a good first impression.

You might, at this moment, be tempted to think “you make ID cards… how difficult can that be?!” But, in reality, we are constantly striving to better integrate ID badge functionality into modern, digital services. From our extensive APIs to developing systems for digital credential verification, the InstantCard service has proved to be far more than simple card printing. Additionally, we pride ourselves in having developed a system which facilitates orders of any size—better serving businesses of any size.

So, we started with the idea of a (fairly) simple flowchart which tries to effectively convey these messages. This graphic represents the original version of this flowchart. It has been changed a little, repositioned, and tweaked for the actual banner. But, we thought you might be interested in our thought process. When the final design of the new banner is finalized, you’ll see what became of this idea. We sincerely hope that it proves an effective way to convey what it is we do—that being far more than simple card printing!