It is, of course, the season for “back to school” posts. And, here at InstantCard, we’d be remiss were we not to join in. Most other posts, however, focus on the present—things which might make the back to school season a little less hectic for you. We are more interested in making things run more smoothly a little further down the road—during late enrollment season.

It is likely that your school uses its photo company to provide ID cards. This makes a lot of sense. So much sense, in fact, that we have no interest in trying to convince you to switch to InstantCard for these IDs (I mean, if you really wanted to, we wouldn’t argue; but it probably makes less sense for your school).

The problem with this arrangement, as you may already be well aware, is those single cards needed mid-year due to late enrollment. May we be so bold as to propose that you come to us for these cards. Since we have no minimum batch size, it’s easy to order single cards when you need them. Additionally, you may upload the same template which your regular card provider uses so all ID badges will look identical.

You may set up your account now, so when the time comes you’re ready. With one click (maybe two, but no more than three), you’ll have cards for those late enrollments shipped same-day.