Without a doubt, a lot of our clients require simple, classic ID badges. And, while such badges can be printed in-house, they come to us because of a general, well-deserved hatred of jammed printers. We do, however, have quite a few clients who realize that by outsourcing ID badge production it is far easier to integrate security and technology.

Then, of course, there are those who use IDs as a flash-pass who may benefit from added technology. Often, however, they are unaware of the tech and security options which are out there. It is exactly for this type of person that we produced our latest video. It is important to know that your ID card can serve you far past simple identification.

In case you’re more of the reading type, here’s the full script:

At InstantCard, we like to help our clients use their ID badge for more than just a flash-pass.

Of course, we always custom-design the graphics of each card template to your exact specifications, to ensure your card looks exactly the way you want.

But we also help our customers implement auto-identification technologies. From classic barcodes to QR codes, from mag stripes to advanced smartcards, we’ve got you covered. We can help you make your ID badges serve almost limitless functions.

If any technology is only needed for certain staff members, don’t worry. We support unlimited badge templates, all designed for free. Each template can support different technology, or no additional technology at all.

And, whether ordering a single card or 1,000, all badges are shipped same-day with your satisfaction 100% guaranteed. Get all your cards on time without having to worry about jammed printers or unavailable staff.

With free design of unlimited templates, same-day shipping, and no minimum batch size, it’s time to let InstantCard enhance your ID badge program. Call or click today… or stop by—we’ll buy you a coffee.

Basic IDs to Advanced Smart Cards—InstantCard
Basic IDs to Advanced Smart Cards—InstantCard

From basic photo ID badges to advanced smart cards, we've got you covered! Our system was designed to support almost limitless technology. And with unlimited templates (designed for free), you'll get that tech only where it is needed.