For most companies that issue ID cards, this small expense is simply considered a cost of doing business. However, the members of many organizations place great value on the ID card associated with their membership. Whether it is used to access facilities and services, or necessary to participate in sponsored programs, or simply pride of membership, they are generally willing to pay for the privilege, beyond simple membership, of carrying a high-quality photo ID card. Some organizations, like Alumni Associations or Professional Societies, simply include the cost of the card in annual membership dues. Others charge those members who order a card the cost of producing and mailing that card.

Funding / profits from ID CardsBut InstantCard is able to help organizations raise additional funds through a well-constructed ID card program. For example, we have several clients who charge their members $15.00 for an annual membership card, which is considered a very reasonable cost by their members. If the organization is only charged $10.00 by InstantCard for the on-demand ID card delivery service, then this results in an additional $5.00 fund-raising for each card ordered. Multiplied by the large number of members, and repeated on a yearly basis, this results in a non-trivial additional revenue stream for the organizations.

This is particularly beneficial for non-profit organizations and NGOs, which are typically strapped for cash and seek out simple ways to augment their cash flow. Sports related groups, whether fan clubs, teams, or players associations, also find this an easy way to raise much-needed funds. Similarly, theater groups, museums, clubs and many other organizations could benefit in the same way.

To make this even more simple, we offer individual card ordering. This way your members can login, request, and pay for their cards individually. This eliminates the cost of having to manage card ordering for each member.

Don’t hesitate to consult us if you believe that such a program could be of benefit to your organization.

Individual Card Ordering
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Individual Card Ordering
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Empower your employees or members to order their ID cards online. Cards may be then shipped directly to them, with a custom letter. This streamlines your ID card issuing process, particularly when needing to send ID cards to members all around the globe.