Demonstration of the InstantCard Online Individual Card Ordering Service

Membership ID Card Online Ordering Service

You may click below to actually order a sample card, and see how the process works end-to-end.

Order Your AAIDP Volunteer Card

In the above example, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th field of the card will be pre-filled in as “001325-IL”, “JAN 2017” and “JAN 2019”, and not be allowed to be modified by the user.
If you choose to complete the transaction, you will be taken to PayPal to pay $1.00. After payment, your card order will be submitted and mailed to the address you enter.
Options available with this service include:

  • Each card is either charged against a master account, or paid for individually using PayPal.
  • A custom letter may be printed with each card, with the address appearing in a window envelope.
  • Each card template may include both modifiable and non-modifiable fields.
  • All visitors who do not come from a pre-registered website may be rejected.

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