Announcing Support for Adhesive Badges

Over the years, many InstantCard clients have asked us if we can print custom photo IDs on their existing "clamshell" badges.  These are the thick, hard plastic employee ID badges that are very commonly used to open doors in buildings.  Previously, we advised those clients to replace [...]

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InstantCard: the Epitome of “High-Tech High-Touch” Service

In 1981 John Naisbitt published a blockbuster book called Megatrends.  Of the 10 major trends he identified, one, which he called “High-Tech High-Touch”, was so profoundly important that it led to the publication of a second best-seller, by that exact name, in 1999.  We believe that the [...]

What technologies are available for personnel to clock-in and clock-out?

“Clocking-in” is a time-honored use of ID cards.  Employees have been "punching-in" when they arrive at work since the early days of industrial automation.  The word "punch-in" came from the now outdated technology of punch cards, or paper cards with small slots in them to allow automated [...]

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Enhance Your ID Card Security with Chip Card Technology

Over this past year, U.S. banks have taken a giant step toward increasing the security of financial transactions by adding smart-chips to our debit and credit cards.  Now that Americans are becoming familiar with seeing chips on their bank cards, many are asking us if the [...]

A new look for our Credential Verification Service

Perhaps you've already visited Credential Verification Service, and perhaps you hearing about it for the first time. Either way, right now is a great time to head over there and have a look—we redesigned the website. We feel that now the site's design better relays the fact [...]

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Providing lists of qualified workers to General Contractors

Sub-contractors on large worksites are generally required to submit, in advance, the names, identity, and qualifications of each employee they will be sending to a jobsite. The GC needs to check that all training records are in order, for each employee, to ensure safety and reduce any [...]

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Use your ID cards for Emergency Medical Information

InstantCard has now added a new feature to CVS (Credential Verification Service). You can now upload a sheet of information listing the critical medical information on each employee that is always required in case of an emergency: Blood Type, Pre-existing Conditions, Allergies, Doctor contact info., etc. This [...]

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