How do you keep your business safe from outsiders?

The HID access control system utilizes HID cards to prevent unauthorized access to secure facilities. For example, a pharmaceutical laboratory may use an HID system to avoid sabotage, contamination, and the theft of secret recipes.

HID access control gives your organization an extra layer of security and provides peace of mind.

What is an HID Access Control System?

 Also known as prox cards, access control cards, and proximity cards, HID access control infrastructures enable you to control access to sensitive areas of a facility.

A standard HID access control system consists of four primary elements:

  • Proximity Card – The card each member of staff holds to gain access to a facility.
  • Card Reader – Each type of card reader uses distinct technology to read proximity cards.
  • Access Control Panel – Known as controllers, these analyze the different sections of the code and are responsible for decoding binary sequences.
  • User Interface – The host software. System operators can add and remove privileges, as well as generate reports. The user interface also allows for hardware operation directly.

There are many different types of HID entry systems available. The right system for you depends on the needs of your organization.

For the user, these systems are always simple. They will use either an access control card or HID key fob system. Their device is placed at the terminal, and the door or gate will open for them if they are authorized personnel.

 All HID door access systems are powered by RFID embedded technology.

What is an RFID Access Control System?

RFID systems use electromagnetic fields to identify an authorized party. Each card or key fob contains what’s known as an Integrated Chip (IC). The IC will transmit and receive a unique number associated with the holder of the device.

An HID door access control system uses the same RFID embedded technology. The most common uses for these access control systems are to track vehicles, merchandise and to prevent unauthorized access.

Today, HID access control systems are the worldwide leaders in this type of technology.

Advantages of RFID Door Access Systems

RFID technology is the most common type of leading access technology currently available commercially.

Why might an organization choose to install an HID access control system to control door access over traditional security options that use magnetic card readers and barcodes?

  • Increased reading distance.
  • Update card data without issuing a new ID.
  • Read multiple IDs at the same time.
  • Automatically trigger surveillance cameras.
  • Comply with government security protocols.

Disadvantages of RFID Door Access Systems

These door access systems are far from perfect. It’s important to mention some of the drawbacks of installing this type of security infrastructure.

Some of the disadvantages include:

  • The signal may be diminished in the proximity of certain materials.
  • Implementation can be time-consuming.
  • RFID readers are more expensive.

Security Features in HID Access Control Systems

An HID access control system is known for its reliability and accuracy. When deciding on the proper security infrastructure for any organization, it’s important to be aware of advantageous security features. These include: 

Biometric Security

Biometrics provides an additional layer of security in identifying an individual. HID offers Lumidigm Multispectral Fingerprint Imaging.

This not only captures the fingerprint on the surface but also uses subsurface level fingerprint imaging by using different angles, orientations, and wavelengths.

It also performs a test to ensure the fingerprint came from living skin, with considerable accuracy, rather than just a digitally generated image.

HID Mobile Access

To increase convenience for employees, HID now offers full mobile access. This allows employees to download an app, and store their credentials on a mobile device of their choice.

They can use their smartphone or tablet to access the card reader and confirm their identities.

Premium Level Data Security

HID uses a different set of standards to protect business data and enhance privacy. Rather than using fixed algorithms, HID access control uses open standards. These are the same security standards used by Visa, MasterCard, as well as electronic passports.

The HID system uses mutual authentication every time an individual uses their card. Once the reader validates the card, it creates the foundation of a unique session key.

Open standards enable HID access control to upgrade and evolve to confront the latest threats continually.


Regardless of the type of security protocols you have in place, you need ID cards that are not only secure but convenient. At InstantCard, we specialize in providing the highest quality ID cards compatible with the latest HID security infrastructures.

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