Every day, there are more and more training and certification programs for every type of job skill.  In nearly every field, continuing education is vital to keeping an employee’s know-how and capabilities up-to-date.  As our world around us changes faster and faster, it is more important than ever for our work force to adapt to the new challenges and opportunities around us.  That is where training and certification plays a critical role.

Training and Certification

Training is often paid for by the company, to help their staff stay current on the latest trends, techniques and job skills.  But equally, many individuals choose to pay for their own training courses in order to upgrade their capabilities, to be able to apply for new positions, or to enter a new field.  The amazing mobility of the U.S. workforce, and its adaptability to a fast-changing working environment, is an attestation of our ability to meet new requirements and constantly re-train to avoid potential lay-offs.

Many training courses cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but they qualify workers to access jobs with significantly higher salaries.  In some cases, a particular skill is required for someone to even apply for a specific job.  So it is critically important that someone can unequivocally prove that he or she has successfully passed the course work that they have completed.  Whether attending a course in person or on-line, the completion certificate is the proof the employee requires.

Training & Certification Issuance

From forklift certification cards to medical certs, more and more of these certifications are issued in digital form – a pdf file of a diploma or a jpeg of a wallet card.  Of course, these files can be printed out on paper, but that just doesn’t have the caché of a true wallet card which really attests to a person’s qualifications.  And they can be easily falsified.  In order to save a few bucks, many training organizations are foregoing the issuance of a high-quality completion card, to the disappointment and detriment of their students.  A student who works hard, and pays hard-earned money, to complete a tough course deserves a certification card that he or she can show with pride at a job interview!

An innovative solution to certification management

Fortunately, InstantCard makes it very easy to issue high-quality, professional plastic course completion cards.  We do this for many enlightened training organizations, in all fields, around the country.  They rely on our advanced printing capabilities to produce a great looking PVC (credit-card style) card, and generally send it directly to the student upon course completion. Not only do we make it easy and hassle-free to issue these cards, we also do so at an incredibly low cost!

We have many years’ experience producing training and certification cards for a very wide range of organizations.  We produce cards for qualified equipment operators, for certified lifeguards, for licensed home inspectors, for food services skills, professional insurance adjusters, and many others.  We have produced cards for professional training organizations, and for companies’ internal training programs.  Each card we produce is of the highest quality, and is very hard to duplicate or falsify, making the card even more prized.

With our same-day guarantee, we ensure that all cards are issued promptly, and students are not disappointed in having to wait weeks for their card. We can also include high-qualify anti-forgery elements in the card, such as micro-printing or a holographic overlay.  The cards produced by InstantCard are ones that last years, and are proudly carried by everyone who receives one.

If you run a training program that would like to up its game in terms of its completion cards, don’t hesitate to contact us!