MMJ ID cards

All cards are designed for free, shipped same-day, and ordered online.

An increasing number of states have Medical Marijuana laws. And, many of these laws include strict guidelines for IDs for patients. However, producing high-quality, non-falsifiable credentials in-house can be both time-consuming and expensive. So, it should come to no surprise that we have been receiving more and more questions on producing patient ID badges.

Not only can we accommodate such ID card needs, but we actually recommend our Individual Card Ordering service. We can set up a card ordering system with your own logo, where your patients can go to order their cards. This way, patients can both enter their information and pay directly, eliminating nearly all of your overhead and hassle.

We can also set up the system to reject all visitors who do not come from your patient portal—ensuring the system is not used by any non-patients.

We are also often asked about the logistics of having both employee and patient cards for your center. And, of course, we highly suggest that all medical cannabis dispensaries have a good ID badge system in place to make it clear who your employees and medical professionals are. Setting up employee badges is no problem, as we support unlimited badge templates (all designed for free, of course).

The Cannabis Center Example patient ID Cards

different templates for employees and patients

This way, you can practice the best in secure, responsible medical marijuana identification without the hassle of in-house design and printing. If you have any questions regarding ID badges for MMJ, please feel free to contact us. We will make sure that your identification program strictly adheres to the laws in your specific state.