Unlimited ID Card Template Designs

If you were unsure as to the benefits of multiple card templates, a look at the above image might make things a lot more clear. Perhaps some of your employees would benefit from added technology on their ID badges. Perhaps some just need basic badges. Maybe you have interns, whom you would like to quickly distinguish by their badges. And, maybe, you would like to increase your facility’s security by requiring visitors to wear visitor badges. That’s fine with us—we understand.

We’ve had clients come to us concerned that if the want smart cards for some employees then they’ll need them for all. That’s not the case. We don’t want you to spend money on anything which you do not need. We are happy to create ID card templates for both situations. And, since the templates work with our online software, changing the template for a given employee requires nothing more than a click (perhaps two clicks, but definitely no more than that).

So, here are some ideas for using our multiple template system:

Color-Code Your ID Badges

If you look at the banner above, we used orange on badges to quickly show someone was a visitor or an intern. Color-coding allows someone to quickly assess whether someone is in a restricted area, without having to get to close to the badge wearer.

Use Different Orientations

In addition to the color code, the example above uses a portrait orientation for restricted access badges. This, of course, can work a lot like color-coding.

Only pay for the technology you need

Perhaps it makes sense for project managers to use smart card technology, while other employees wear simple ID cards. By having two separate templates, you never have to pay for those extras when they aren’t needed.

Have an “External” Badge Design

Perhaps individuals for you company are representing you at a trade show. Best badge practices change when IDs are intended to advertise your company. Have a separate design that employees wear when they are representing your brand outside of the office.

And, of course, it’s no problem if you only need one ID card design. The advantage of our system is that it is optimal for businesses of all shapes and sizes!