I am reminded of how Han Solo and Luke Skywalker infiltrated an Imperial ship by wearing standard strormtrooper armor. Being in the ID badge business, I wonder if there would have been a simple way to avoid such stormtrooper identification fraud.

Stormtrooper with identificationI admit that ID badges wouldn’t work very well for stormtroopers—they all look the same. (Although, they probably could have benefited from our Credential Verification Service—I think all of the stormtroopers’ blaster accuracy certifications had been long expired.) Also, it was probably in the best interest of the galaxy that the Empire didn’t have a good identification program in place.

As far as we know, none of our clients are Sith lords, neither do they force employees to wear identical (apparently useless) armor. This is fortunate in that we have been able to provide all of our clients with an affordable, fraud-resistant solution to their ID badge program.

Unless you’re an evil galactic empire, InstantCard is right for you. Search your feelings—you know it to be true.