InstantCard provides an online service for ordering photo ID cards on-demand. There is an extensive array of benefits to be gained from using an online card ordering service like InstantCard. The service is extremely simple to use, as explained in the simple 4-step card ordering process. In additional to standard cards, there are a wide range of card options available, including barcode, magstripe, rfid, and smart cards. The InstantCard program provides a wide range of card design options, and a gallery of sample designs can be viewed here.

Purchasing ID cards online provides a wide range of benefits to most corporations. If you are planning to implement an ID card program in your organization, you should carefully consider whether outsourcing makes sense for your company. Most companies with a typical card production profile find that, when they make a cost comparison, an outsourced service is far more economical. Savings can be up to 75%, relative to purchasing of in-house equipment.

There is an increasingly large range of industries where photo ID cards have become the norm. Among the range of InstantCard clients, first and foremost are the multi-site corporations which gain flexibility, accountability, and significant cost savings through outsourcing. Companies which provide transporation and delivery services recognize the need for clear, positive employee identification. Likewise, many businesses whose employees provide services in homes and offices require their staff to wear photo ID cards at all times. A wide range of companies in the medical profession are large consumers of photo ID badges, including home health care companies, and well as hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities.

Government entities, especially state and local, nearly all use photo identification cards. For example, most Police, Fire, and First Responders carry professional ID cards. Schools, colleges, and universities nearly all issue photo ID cards for students and staff members. Closely associated is the non-profit sector, whose staff members often have to display ID badges with their pictures. And many professional and voluntary organizations routinely issue membership cards to their members for identification purposes.

ID cards are often used to present training credentials, so that people who have completed a professional training or certification program can easily show their qualifications. In fact, InstantCard has developed a unique, online credential verification service which allows anyone to check the current validity of credentials with a cellphone.

A final area where Photo ID cards have become industry “best practice” is in the area of employee safety. Photo Lockout-Tagout tags are being widely and systematically used in factories and manufacturing environments around the country to protect workers from accidents.

InstantCard provides a one-stop shop for all your ID badge requirements. We offer a wide range of badging accessories, which can be ordered online at any time. We help guide you through the whole process, including guidelines for card layout and artwork. We provide guidance and assistance with taking your staff pictures, and publish guidelines for taking staff ID photos. We also offer a full set of web services, so your staff can order their cards online from a browser. The Web Services options also allow clients to integrate photo ID card production directly into their software or website. And last but not least, we offer extensive customer support services, including live online support to help our clients quickly overcome any obstacles to producing their ID cards.

We are actively seeking companies to join our partner program, which offers many advantages to firms where id cards are complementary to their core business. We would be happy to provide free samples, so you can see that we use the latest, most advanced card printing technology available on the market. In fact, you may submit your card design data online and we will produce a sample card based on your custom requirements.

InstantCard was founded with only one objective in mind – to provide the online ID card services which is the absolute fastest, easiest-to-use, and cheapest service available. We have a strong set of corporate values, always putting the customer first. Since we deal every day with confidential personnel data, we have a very strong privacy policy, but we are always pleased to speak with anyone who wants to learn more about us. If you don’t find the answer to your questions among our FAQs page, you may contact us at any time to discuss your specific ID card requirements.